Friday, November 27, 2009

Dry hair help?

My hair is dry and sorta frizzy, I use alot of products to keep it somewhat healthy though. I went to get a haircut a few weeks ago and the hair dresser told me to get CATWALK shampoo and conditionar. It's $44 for both of them, sorta pricey, but I'm used to spending that much money on hair stuff. Has anyone ever used it? Should I get it?

Dry hair help?

Something that is great for your hair and its cheap. Its called cholesterol-You can get it in a drug store or wal-mat, K-mart, ect..

Lots of times you will find it in the African American hair products. It comes in a large mouth plastic container and its only a few dollars.

Wash your hair rinse-apply this conditioner and let stand on hair with a plastic cap on as longs as you can-over night if you want. Rinse off in the morning and style as usual. Doing this two to three times a week will for sure improve your frizzy, unruley hair.

Catwalk is great product and yes its expensive. Just alternate cheaper shampoos here and there and do the cholesteral for a while before buying the big dollar shampoos and see if this helps first.

Dry hair help?

no i havent but i have to look at it for 44 bucks got to be good

Dry hair help?

Probably all those products you are using on your hair are why it is dry and frizzy.

The cost of something does not equal it's quality, necessarily.

Dry hair help?

I'd try Biosilk. They have a ton of products that all work amazingly well. And it's not quite that expensive. Try the silkening shampoo, conditioner, and follow that up with the silk serum. Put the serum on your hair while wet and blow dry, or just rub in to dry hair. Awesome results!!

Dry hair help?

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