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Please read! please help ! hair loss !?

I am a 27 years old women and about 5 years ago my hair starting thinning, not just on my head but my lashes and eyebrows too. It is also very weak, lighter in color(as it gets closer to the root) and doesn't curl like it used to. I have seen a few dematologist who told me its probably hereditary and told me to use rogain for the thinning of the hair on my head. this is hard to except, no one in my family has hair loss like mine and from what ive read hereditary hair loss usually comes from the mothers side. my mother and grandmother both have very full and healthy hair. I have older sisters and they have never experienced this kind of hair loss either. I see all the products that claim that work but im more then overwelmed. I started researching the effects of candida and mercury fillings and if there could be some connection to my hair loss.I know doctors are not always right and are egar please if anyone has had a simular experience and/ or any suggestions please share them with mm

Please read! please help ! hair loss !?

I'm 27 and my hair started to thin about 4 years ago. Only on my head so it may be something different. I say 5 different dermatologists and the last one gave me meds. It was a liquid, coticosteroid looks like water to be applied to scalp twice daily it's called Betamethasone, I also on my own started taking vitamin E, and prenatal vitamins. After a year I stopped the prescription, but kept up everything else. Your eyelashes and eyebrows concern me though.

Please read! please help ! hair loss !?

It sounds like you are allergic to your soap.

Try switching to a "sulfate free" hair regiment. Sulfates block your hair follicle and causes certain people allergic to sulfates to suffer hair loss.

Meantime, try using herbs like henna or senna to thicken hair. Try googling "henna for hair". It coats your existing hair and thickens it alot.

Also, if you make paste out of rosemary and rub it into your bald spots it stimulates hair growth. Regular cooking herb works, and you only need to leave the paste on for a few minutes before the shower. Thyme, mint, and sage also work.

Hang in there, things like this can be traumatizing, but they will get better.

Please read! please help ! hair loss !?

You can do some research on alopecia, which is a skin condition that causes hair to fall out as well. My siser had very thin hair for a long time. She began to get her hair braided and using olive oil and mineral oil on her scalp. Her hair became fuller and thicker and grew like wild fire.

Another option is to stop using hair relaxers and hair shampoos that don't have a good pH balance. Check with a beautician and see what they can recommend or even get a second opinion from another dermatologist.

Please read! please help ! hair loss !?

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Please read! please help ! hair loss !?

Did you have your thyriod checked its a simple blood test and it can be the cause

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