Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shiny hair?


so, how do u get shiny, healthy, look at me! pantene commercial idol hair?

i mean, wats up with egg thing?

and vinagar?

i just dont get it!

Shiny hair?

I use this product called super skinny serum by paul mitchell you can get it at your local drugstore. I use it all the time when you get out of the shower brush your hair then put some of this product in your hair brush it through then blow dry your hair straight and then add some more of this product when your done blow drying it straight it works for me and it makes the frizzys at the ends go away after blow drying

Shiny hair?

I don't know but I have shiny hair and I use my mom's shampoo! and it works!

Shiny hair?

well if you dont wash your hair every day that might help i use dove and it really works and like i think lemon juice works

Shiny hair?

umm theres this type of oil i dont know what its called, my relative uses it and it makes her look really good. im sorry i dont know what its called, mabye try going to a hair salon and ask.

Shiny hair?

First but some Garnier Fructies or however you spell it and just but the shampoo then get any other kind of Herbal Essence conditioner and get some Suave Hairspray i think the green bottle and then follow steps

1.Wet Hair with Warm Water

2.Shampoo with GF Shampoo

3.Add A LITTLE conditioner and mix in hair

4.spray 3 times with hairspray

5. wash with cold and warm water

6. respray and style

it works in my hair

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