Saturday, November 28, 2009

What products are good for relaxed hair???

what types of products could i use for my hair to maintain healthy??

What products are good for relaxed hair???

It's always best to go to a beautician to keep your hair in top notch shape, but when you can't and have to become a kitchentician (you know, having to do your hair at home instead of at the beauty salon :-), invest your money in products that will keep your hair MOISTURIZED. Clean your hair and scalp at least once a week with a good clarifying shampoo (Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo, DesignEssentials, KeraCare, Mizani). Then follow with a moisturizing shampoo like Creme of Nature, KeraCare, DesignEssentials (these are great products to use, there low priced and give great results). Also a good idea is to use pure Jojoba Oil Conditioner and Aloe Vera Shampoo from time to time. You can get these at any Vitamin Shoppe store or GNC store. Jojoba is great for keeping the hair healthy and moisturized and Aloe Vera is used to maintain the health of your scalp and keep hair strong. Use a shine serum like Fantasia IC Hair Polisher to give shine, keep down on frizz, and has a light weight feel. It's important to give yourself protein treatments at least once a month (Aphogee Keratin Reconstructor Treatment is great and smells nice) and Hot Oil Treatments at least twice a month. And try not to blow dry and use a lot of heat on your hair, instead, when you need to style try Wet-Setting it, doing Doobie Roller Wraps, and Twists. At night, always sleep with either a silk scarf, a satin bonnet, or a satin/silk pillowcase to keep your hair smooth, straight, and hold moisture. Nothings worse than to have your hair looking healthy and cute and then lay your head on a cotton pillowcase. You just asking for breakage when you do that. Hope this information helps and good luck.

What products are good for relaxed hair???

Four or five glasses of a GOOD beer help me get relaxed clear down to the hair....

What products are good for relaxed hair???

It's important to keep the hair moisturized. Not GREASY. Grease is too heavy for the hair. I suggest investing in hair cream. Hair cream is light weight and adds moisture to your hair rather than super oily products. Also be sure to deep condition your relaxed hair often.

1. Wash hair every week. Clean hair is healthy hair.

2. Deep condition often (sit under the hair dryer) every 2 weeks.

3. Keep hair moisturized with hair cream (see your local beauty store for brands).

4. Try to avoid using heated appliances (curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers) too much.

5. Also make sure to get your ends clipped after every touch up. It's important to get rid of any dead ends, split ends, or any frizz you may have.

I hope those tips helped! :)

What products are good for relaxed hair???

Keep your hair moisturized and when sleeping, make sure you tie a silk scarf around your hair to prevent damage.

What products are good for relaxed hair???

Henna-powder in all kinds of colour. Also a neutral one. It will make your hair really stronger! And it is not chemical. All chemical products will ruin your hair at the end, believe me!

What products are good for relaxed hair???

Your hair needs moisture. I use Lusters Pink Oil Moisturizing Lotion, Carrot Oil Cream, and Isoplus Oil Sheen (in a can). You need to wrap your hair up nightly, stay away from using rubber bands they tend to cause hair breakage. I message my scalp at least twice a week especially the hair line area and temples

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