Saturday, November 28, 2009

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

I have a naturally tight curly %26amp; frizzy hair

its just below my ears

its healthy and everything

but it just WONT GROW!

i dont want to put anything in it that will damage it and make it unhealthy.

Can anyone help me, please. I want it at least past my shoulders by DECEMBER (my birthday)

Ive waited and waited and waited ever since i Moved with my dad (2 years ago) My hair just doesnt grow!



OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

Well, these are some very important vitamins that are essential for hair growth.






-Vitamin B5 (Niacin is vital for hair growth)

-Vitamin B6





-Vitamin A

-Amino acids


-Folic acid




-Soy protein


The closest shampoo/ conditioner that I have found is F.A.S.T. which has only a few of the needed ingredients. Hope that helped, and If you find something that works for fast hair growth, please let me know!!

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

prenatal vitamins

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

Hair length is actually a gene. Meaning its hereditary. Not everyone can grow their hair to the waist and very few can grow their hair to their knees.

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

Do you comb or brush it a lot? If so, that might be causing some breakage. Hair grows, but if there's a lot of overstyling, the breakage might make it seem as if it's not growing.

I also have very curly hair and don't comb it a lot and never brush it. Brushing it causes frizz.

I used to relax it, but it became damaged and would break from the chemicals and overstyling. Ever since I went natural, it grows like crazy.

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

take prenatals that definately should work.

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

i have the same problem, my birthday's in November and i would really like my hair to be past my shoulder's too. i heard that getting the right vitamins can help grow your hair. They say that getting enough sleep and trimming your hair regularly can also grow it.

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

same to me

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

hair grows very slowly about 闄?inch per month

OMG WTF My Hair Wont Grow!!?

Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing. Try http://solutionsforhairgrowth.blogspot.c... for more details.

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