Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

how do you get ur hair like SUPER SHINY! and it looks really niceee and healthy how do they do that? lol and wat products do you use?

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

I know the feeling- but I think I've figured it out!! :)

First, use a hi-shine shampoo %26amp; conditioner- I'd reccommend Herbal Essences's Hello Hydration set. (other good ones are Long-Term Relationship and Break's Over). Use this every shower, and (what I do), is first shampoo my hair, then apply conditioner, and leave it on for the whole shower (I rinse it out last thing).

Then try a Shiny Hair Serum- I use John Freida's Frizz-Ease Hair Serum- but there's lots of other options. ((Anything that says Leave-In Conditioner is like a Hair Serum)). Apply this after you shower.

To straighten your hair- ALWAYS use protectant with built-in shine beforehand. This makes a big difference on the shine quality of your hair- and keeps it healthy and frizz-free.

There's also products you can buy, like glazes, that "Shine" your hair instead of dyeing it. (Like Clairol's Shine Happy glaze- it lasts you about six weeks of super-shine).

Shine on!!

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

Use shampoo that is desgined to make hair smooth and shiny.

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

i use deep conditioner and enjoy super shine

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

pual mitchell shine serum works wonders its amazing!!!

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

biosilk products, work amazingly hun!

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

just use shampoo that are good brands like pantene..herbal esenses

like smooth and sleek, hello hydration

smooth and sleek makes it shiny

hello hydration makes it full of moitsure so it makes it shinier and not dry looking

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

To keep my hair healthy and shiny I take a daily multivitamin.

...I use this weekly.

Use a good quality shampoo/conditioner, too.

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

Use Paul Mitchell Quick Slip. Also never use Bio-silk products they are alcohol based and Can damage you hair making it look dull and frizzy.

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

(i tryed this once, before my uncles wedding,) after you wash your hair, crack a egg into your hair and like massage into you hair, like you would with shampoo, then rinse out, and it actually does leave your hair looking very shiny!

Hair helpppp plzzzzzzzzz(:?

I used this once a week, and people said my hair looked and felt a lot shinier!

You need an egg yolk and almond or olive oil (either is fine, but I use it sweetened with almond). mix it together and scrub on your hair. You can then tie it and but a plstic bag over it, and leave it on for like 10 min. Take a shower after and use shampoo (I use head and shoulders). You don't have 2 use conditioner that day. Hope it helps!

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