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What are some beauitful long hair styles that I can try?

I have long hair, it is to the middle of my back. I had a perm but it is way to curly now!! I am still trying to grow it out but I have no clue how to style my hair, I do like straightening it and wearing my bangs off to the side. I look terrible with my bangs up, it makes my face look fat lol.. really it does! I heard using a barrel brush does wonders, but I need some ideas. I am starting a new job at a credit union on monday and I want to look put together. I like to wear my hair down. It is a little frizzy so I always have to put something in it. Also it seems that I ma always using hairspray and I dont want to do that so much anymore, mabe just a tad to finish it but thats it. I have thin hair. And I want it to look more shinier and healthy as well. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!

What are some beauitful long hair styles that I can try?

Go under Beauty and then hair ideas! I love this website! It has step-by-step instructions and they are so easy to follow! Some even have pictures! It has ideas for all hair types!

What are some beauitful long hair styles that I can try?

To smooth it out, try Chi's silk infusion. This has done wonders for my hair. Try getting a few layers also... then styling with a curling iron, either flipped out or rolled under a little for more body. Also, don't touch your hair a lot during the day... I have a horrible habit of that and it makes it flat in no time. Perhaps get a shampoo for more volume or body as well... I know Victoria's Secret has some wonderful shampoo for your problem... called So Sexy. Try and style your hair while blow drying it. Play around with rollers and things this weekend and see if anything works well for you. If all else fails, go to a salon and ask them to show you an easy way to fix your hair and what would like best on you.

What are some beauitful long hair styles that I can try?

I have a similar problem,except I never got a perm before.I have that curly Italian hair so it is really hard to do stuff w/ is and it is heavy.I usually find myself putting it in a bun most of the time. I usually braid it..........But if I were you I'd get some twisters If you dint know what they are there just twisted pieces of hair that get tied w/ a rubber band in the middle of your head.I'm sure u know what they are..if not do research or something.well N-E Way that's a cute hair style............I hope this helped!!

What are some beauitful long hair styles that I can try?

If your curls frizz, maybe your hair needs moisture and gentle handling. Have you tried conditioner only washing? It is a great thing for many curlies. You use cheapie conditioner, like VO5, Suave or White rain to wash and condition your hair. It works because the cheaper conditioners have more cleansing ingredients in them.

Here is how:

Glop on a lot of conditioner on your dry hair. Use lots, several big handfulls, at least. Thoroughly saturate your hair. pile it on your head and cover with a shower cap for ten minutes or longer.

Jump in the shower, take off the cap and add a little water. Wash like you are using shampoo. Massage your scalp and rinse. Rinse very well. The two biggies in making CO washing work is using enough conditioner and rinsing enough.

You can follow up with a rich, thicker conditioner, now. Apply, gently comb with a wide tooth seamless comb, clip it up and finish your shower. Rinse.

Use your fave curl-enhancing product, gently scrunch it in, set your curl pattern, then leave it to air dry. Don't mess with your hair.

Touching, combing and brushing just cause frizz.

Heat drying and using flat irons will just further dry and frizz your hair. And using a brush of any kind on wet or damp hair causes stretching and breakage! Two things your hair does not need.

If you want a more professional look a pretty updo would be appropriate and would help control some of your frizzies while protecting your delicate locks.

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