Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Normal hair??

I have naturally curly/wavy hair but it never looks shiny or healthy or the slightest bit good except for when I use a curling iron or straightening iron. then it looks a whole lot healthier and shinier then but i dont use any extra hair products. is that normal? or am i really damaging my hair with heat products?

Normal hair??

-Stylist Thoughts-

Unfortuanlly heat will damge your hair- but you can use thermal protection products to prevent that.


Redkin: Hot Sets- this product will protect- but will also will keep your curls in for 3 days- I'm not even kidding.It's a great product,

Or just a themal protection spray in your hair before you even blow dry, their is a themal protection shampoo for heavy duty appliance use- witch is the Thermoplex Shampoo and Condioner from GrambWeb.

Also using Boar Bristle brush when your drying will give you shine to your hair- becasue it helps with the oils in your hair, also it won't get tangled in your hair.

If you have been using appliances for a while - try getting yourself some reparative shampoos or treaments also known as fortyfying shampoos- and that will help you get your hair back into a healthy state- with actually will help it look better without using appliances. Hope that helps.

Normal hair??

yes, you are damaging your hair, God made you're hair just the way it is. I wish I had curly hair.

Normal hair??

If you use these without a heat protectant you are severely damaging your hair. If you use them more then a few times a week like 2 or 3 you could be dangering your hair. Try a hair mask or creme straightening. Pantenes sleek and shine works well and I reccomend that.

Normal hair??

yes...i have naturally curly hair 2 and i love to use herbal essantals lots of makes you hair shiny without heat!!

i love it!

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