Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

well my hair is really damaged and is like 40% lately i ahve been brushing my hair alot bcuz it seems to make it softer and spread around the oils. so i was just wondering if it is bad for me to brush my hair a lot? also what is the fastest way to grow it out?

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

No don't brush it too much, it will cause breakage. Brush it enough to distribute the essential oils...about 25-30 strokes, then BACK AWAY from the brush! lol

Look at it this way....if your hair is very damaged (as mine is, but im workin on it,so I know a lot about this!) you should try to treat it as you would a peice of fine silk. i.e: Don't overbrush, don't over style or over heat. Just treat it as if it's very delicate and you should be ok!

As for growing it, nothing will make it grow FASTER, but there are things you can do to maximize the hair growth potential.

Take vitamins. (vitamin b, also i have heard prenatal vitamins are very good for hair I havent tried this one myself yet though)

Give yourself scalp massages (stimulates blood flow to the scalp)

Don't brush hair when wet, try to blow dry only went absolutely nessecary.

Don't use straightening irons and curlers which will tend to pull and break your hair.

You should also buy a silk head wrap, like a silk neck scarf, and tie it around your head at night (covering all hair) OR get a silk pillow case (instead of a regular cotton or polyester one) Because when you toss and turn at night, it won't cause as much friction on your hair which causes breakage !

Good luck I hope this helps :)

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

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Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

no, because when you brush your hair too much, your hair produces oils it does not need, therefore weighing your hair down, use a hot oil treatment once a week and your hair will eventually be normall again. make sure to wash it out well

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

i am not sure but i think it is good and bad....but for the damged part u asked about there is a product made by "pantene" that makes damaged hair stronger. and for growing it out i would say get it cut regularly , and keep away from damage .......

hope it helps

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

No you should brush your hair at least 100 times a day. Times as in (strokes)

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

I have not heard of someone brushing their hair too much. However, I wouldn't reccommend brushing my hair TOO much. You could pull out a lot of hair this way! It is good practice to brush your hair at least 2 times per day, but if you want to really take care of your hair you should wash your hair daily, using shampoo and conditioners that help your hair look great and healthy, too!

Is it bad if brush my hair a lot?

its good for your scalp but bad for your hair if you do it alot,cuase you may not know but with every stroke you take to your you are break at least 5 strands and think about if you do it alot thats alot of hair your breaking and thats how you end up with all those little hairs sticking out of your hair,but its good for your sclap becuase your massaging your your scalp and that makes your scalp produce oil to nurrish your roots.

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