Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hair problemos!?

okay so i dye my hair alot.

how can i make it look and feel healthy again?

and another thing, im trying to get my original hair color back. Does dawn soap really help was out hair color?

Hair problemos!?

This will repair your hair.

Hair problemos!?

I don't know if Dawn helps get the color out. But to may get look healthy again put mayo on it for like 15 mins, and then jump in the shower and wash your hair really good.

Hair problemos!?

Mix avacado, olive oil, and tea tree oil together.... put on a mask of it for 20 minutes... then shampoo. My hair is overprocessed by bleach.. and it really helps me!

Hair problemos!?

all i can say is, condition it alot. Deep condition it when you can, and when you have NO WHERE to go, use a deep conditioner and let it stay in you hair until it dries. Then dampen your hari, and add more deep condioner in, adn cover witha plastic bag. after that you'll wrap a towel around your head to keep it warm., thats what i do and it works.

ALso NO, dawn soap will hurt your hair even more. Once you have a decent amount of roots showing, go into a salon and tell then that you want to geyour hair dyed to the color od your (freshly clean) roots. They SHOULD, and BETTER be able to do it so it is pretty much an identical match. if not, go to another place.

If prefer fantastic sams. they are great and the hair dyes they use, do not damage the hair with harsh chemicals, they can help nourise the hair because of some of the natural ingrediants in it. Best of luck, and "baby" you hair back to health.

I use:

garnier frutise color sheald, along with aussie cleanse and mend shampoos' i use half of one and half of the other.

then i use the garnier, and the aussie conditoner (same line) and then i'll use hte garnier deep condioner. I think its actually called a mask or something, but it works great, promise.

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