Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What products are BEST for my hair?!?

ok i have:

- KINDA thin

- kinda long/meduim lenghth

- naturally straight

- not greasy

- not drandruffy

- pretty healthy

- not so strong

- silky but not shiney

- some split ends

hair. haha

i want a good shampoo/conditioner that i can buy at like Rite-aid or any store like that makes my hair WAY stronger, shiney, controls split ends, DOESNT give me volume, and that will make my hair GORGEOUS.

and whats the best protecting spray because i like to curl my hair or use heat thingies to change up my style when im bored of having it straight. suggestions? more thing haha..

any serums that you put on your hair after you take a shower?

which ones dont leave your hair greasy and gross after your use them?

please help![:

What products are BEST for my hair?!?

you should ue garnier fructis long and strong shampoo and conditioner cuz you said your hair is not very strong

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