Friday, November 27, 2009

Hair styled but bland?

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I finally got my hair trimmed, styled and deep conditioned. So when I left it looked very nice, silky, bouncing and HOTT!

After a few washes at home its been looking bland and annoying


I usually wash my hair with Pantene PRO V shampoo and the Pantene (anti frizz/restoratives) conditioner, and before and after I blow dry I use DOVE serum/moisturizer, then I'd flat iron it (with a non expensive flat iron..Revlon) and it has always worked fine (before I went for my trim), Now my hair looks styled but wavy ish. Maybe since it's healthy and breathing now I should consider buying a CHI flat iron...what do you think?? Any input on my hair crisis would be greatly appreciated, thank u and Happy New Years!

Hair styled but bland?

happy years to you too!

for striaghter hair i suggust switchjes over shampoos to sunsilk's line. [i forget what the kind is called but its the blue bottles]

also from making it bland, try a volumizerr for extra

try a different flat iron,a better one and make sure to spritz protection spray before straightening.

hope this helps!!

Hair styled but bland?

I use the same shampoo you do, I have no problem as my hair is baby fine and long and never is full. I use olive oil on it once a week during the winter because it seems to break more, it helps heal my hair and make it fuller. I just rub it in my scalp to the ends of the hair and leave in for an hour. If you still have problems go back to the Hair place and ask them what they use. Buy it and try it.

Hair styled but bland?

Dove intense moisture shampoo/conditioner weightless moisturizers wont weigh the hair down

Herbal Essences hello hydration shampoo/conditioner

Biolage shampoo/conditioner and Biolage ultra hydrating balm

Redken shampoo/conditioner sold in salons but are good

I heard the original black Chi breaks and the turbo Chi is better, the Hai, Sedu, Solia have good reviews. The Babyliss brand is good too and cheaper but the Conair Infiniti 100% solid ceramic flat iron works real well and has a 5 year warranty and Conair makes the Babyliss brand makes me wonder why spend alot of money on a flat iron. It is your choice so good luck! 閳锯偓

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