Friday, November 27, 2009

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

I'm 16 years old.My mom won't let me cut OR dye my hair.

I have to have it the way she wants it.

I was born blonde but my hair has changed to a dark brown color - and my mom has been making me keep it blonde for years? My hair is really damaged and frizzy because of it. Some hair dressers said that the only way I could fix it is to start over my hair.

She's also really slow when I need to get my hair re-done so I end up a couple of months with dark roots down to my ears.

I have tried to talk to my mom about my hair and she won't listen, no matter what I try to tell her. She wants it HER way or I have to hit the highway.

I just want healthier %26amp; normal looking hair.

What do I do? I'm sick of these roots and the frizzies!

(P.S. Her controlling my hair is NOT for any religious reasons - just for her to be able and control me.

I also got kicked out of the house when I dyed my hair black)

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

Ask her why your hair color is so important to her? If I were in your position I would explain how much it hurts for her to do that. If you know for certain she just wants to control you, the sooner you break that habit the happier you both will be. Everything doesn't magically go away when you're 18 either. If your parents control you now, it's not going to change in two years unless you take initiative.

What does you dad have to say about all this? Or any other family members? Wouldn't they think it's ridiculous and step in?

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

Maybe shes right maybe she does know wats right for you such as in the future all girls dye their hair now but in the future they have will have their falling out or really ugly and dry and stuff id say just be natural and pretty but if you must dye it make sure its a color you want and that you are not going to change it simply because everyone else is doing it

hoped it helped

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

and keep listening to her.

i did dye my hair and now it doesn look as good as i thought i would and i can't wait when it all washes out. even though it s not a much difference from my natural color. once u start coloring u will awalys have to olor it...

and as to cutting really depends on our hair how short or small and like huch much you ve got :-)

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

try talking to her,a nd if that doesnt work, you only got 2 more years of it.

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

well when you dye your hair you can damage lt lf your not using the right hair dye so your mom is right

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

Ask her if you can use a rinse. It's not permanent and it washes out in a few shampoos. She may let you use a rinse. If not I'm sorry for you.

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

Well with the dying, it really isn't that bad. She's your mom, you're going to have to put up with her for a while.

But with the cutting because you're hair is damaged... Have her talk to the hair dresser who told you that about your hair. If she doesn't listen to an expert on it, there's probably not much else you can do. Try to see if there are any other possible treatments that could help your hair besides cutting it.

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

Buy some shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair. Try not to blow it stone dry.

Don't believe that once you start coloring your hair you have to continue. Hair grows out at the rate of 6 inches a year. You have damaged the outer hair, not the root. Cut if off and start over when you are old enough to decide on your own.

I have no idea why mothers (or daughters) get something like that in their heads and won't listen. I'd give it up and if you have a fight, make it over something more important. You will be in control of your hair for the next 70 years after you reach 18. Just be prepared to be criticized for your choices. Ignore it.

Brunettes are beautiful.

Mom won't let me cut/dye hair?

Well I can tell you this if your mom will not let you be yourself than she has some issues that she needs to work out on her own. You got kicked out for dying it black?! I'm sorry but to me that is not love. I'm sure she does, but no I would never do that to my child for being who they are. Do you think she maybe jealous of you? All I can say is be yourself and if your mom don't like it, oh well, if she loves you that much she will let you be you. That is your body and personality not hers. You have to remind her that you are no longer a child anymore and going to be an adult very soon and you need start making decisions on your own and for yourself if you want to make it in the real world. Also tell her that once you are gone from her that you are just going to let loose, because she was so controlling over you and never got a chance to discover yourself. been there, done that. Anyways, Go to the store and get some John Frieda frizz stuff it's going to be in a small bottle and get some shampoo that is good for your hair like pantene time renewal or frizz. I have the same problem with my hair too. Hope that helps.

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