Friday, November 27, 2009

Hair loss.. what causes it?

ive been losing a fair bit of hair each day (more than what is considered normal).

i have a healthy diet and im not anorexic or anything.

ive had dandruff in the past and my head is itchy sometimes but i don't have head lice or nits.

what could cause it?

(if my age helps, im 15)

Hair loss.. what causes it?

Just a thought of what it could be: If you're female, then there could be an iron deficiency. This is no big deal and it is very common. It can be caused by heavy menstrual periods. Just have a doctor check it out. You would have to take a supplement for a while and change your diet to more iron rich foods.

An iron deficiency can cause more hair to fall out than normal. Other symptoms would also be fatigue, i.e. you sleep your normal hours but still feel tired and feeling low very often.

But do keep in mind that it is normal to lose hair each and every day. And, let's say, if you don't wash you hair for a day or two, then there will be more hair in the drain. Just because you skipped a couple of days of the natural "shedding."

I'd say just see a doctor. It's doesn't sound like anything serious. But it's always better to know all the facts and then go from there.

Good luck!

Hair loss.. what causes it?

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