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Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

Ive been using a flat iron almost every day for about three years. Its become sort of damaged. I just started taking vitamins for Hair,Skin, %26amp; Nails. I would LOVE to have longer hair, but it takes a very! long time to grow(My hair is down to my boobs) so it's already kind of long. I have to trim it a lot because while using a flat iron, I get a lot of split ends. I want to repair my hair and get long, healthy hair. I want to stop using a flat iron on my hair for awhile. If I stop using it, will I also stop getting split ends so I dont have to cut it as often? How often should you cut your hair if you don't damage it and don't have split ends? How much should you get cut off every trim?

If I stop damaging my hair %26amp; take vitamins %26amp; eat healthier, will my hair start to grow at a faster rate? thanks.

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

You should always get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks whether you flat iron it or not. But not flat ironing would definitely reduce your amount of split ends. Hair typically grows 1/2 inch per month but those vitamins may help it grow in healthier.

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

flt iron hair once a week after washing your hair cut your hair every 3 mths.

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

Well flat irons are very damaging. If you'd like to restore it i'd advise to STOP flat ironing it for a while. Maybe buy a shampoo that helps make straight hair (that-a-way you still get the straight look you want) After showering, only use a wide tooth (actually always just use a wide tooth comb because brushes pull on your hair and rip it out) Go to a sallys and get the ION repairing conditioner and leave it on for about 15 minutes every week. My hair was falling out and it helped a lot of the dead ends and not nearly as much of my hair was falling out afterwards. You should always get a trim every 1-3 months i'd say (atleast that's what i do and my hair seems to be healthy) If you find that you can't survive without your flat iron, buy a heat protector (i personally like Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat! because it smells fruity and leaves my hair feeling healthy after blow drying and straightening it) Heres a little tip to healthier hair as well- MILK! not only does it build strong bones, it as well helps nails and hair. All heat damages your hair, so just try to lay off the straightener for a few months. Your hair will be feeling healthier, and getting longer in no time! hope i helped =)

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

get it cut every 6 months... and trimmed twice a month.

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

ok, are you using a good ceramic straightener? This will prevent you from getting split ends or damaging your hair.

2nd- good on the vitamins- i take them as well. GNC has a great one.

you should have your hair trimmed every 2 months, that's the rule i go by, and i don't have a lot trimmed off because i am going for length. 1/2 inch top, NO MORE THEN THAT and you will be fine.

i don't think your flat iron is keeping your hair from growing... when your hair gets to a certain length, on many people, the growth process slows down significantly.

Just use a good shampoo/cond., trim frequently, and just dont be too rough on it, that causes breakage.

good luck!

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

If you stop flat ironing your hair or at least cut down on it you will have a lot less split ends. Instead try using a smoothing serum and comb your hair while it air dries. I'm also trying to grow my hair out and I used to flat iron my hair every day too. I don't get nearly as many split ends and it does seem like my hair is growing faster and there's a lot less breakage. Also to repair to damage try geting hot oil treatments and repair treatments from Sally's beauty supply. Everything their is the stuff professionals use and its really cheap, and the people working their are generally very nice and like to help. I hope this helps :)

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

cut off all your split ends even if that means cuttin off like 2 inches, as long as u get them all off. when u cut ur ends off it will make it alot healthier to grow, and make sure you grow out all your layers too or cut them down to even out all ya hair.

and yea stop flat ironing for a little while, i guess u can use it sometimes but not everyday. its really not good for your hair, and when u do flat iron it make sure u use a heat protector. i suggest motions heat protector it works really nice, any other questions just contact me! thanks

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

you cannot repair the damage that has been done. Split ends are from very dry brittle hair. I would suggest stop using the flat iron all together. Get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks and let the damage grow out.

You can use a moistuizing shampoo but it won't do much good, and might even make the problem worse.

You should only be shampooing your hair once or twice a week. Water alone is damaging to hair because it removes the natural oils, let alone all the products there are to use.

At least once a month allow your hair to get really oily by not washing it for at least a week and a half.

Unless you have curly hair there is no reason to use a flat iron. If your hair is super curly and the curls get wild and frizzy try using a bit of baby oil. When your hair is damp, pour a bit in your hands rub them together and run through your hair. It will help keep the curls smooth. I found this little trick because my daughter has super curly hair that likes to frizz.

Also NEVER NEVER NEVER brush your hair when it's wet. That goes for curly and straight. If you must brush use a wide tooth comb and go very gently.

What happens when you use a brush, even a vent brush, on wet hair is the hair strands get pulled and stretched causing them to become thin and brittle. This leads to hair breakage which in turn leads to split ends.

Heat in any form is super hard on your hair, as are dyes and even hair products like shampoo, conditioners, creams, hair sprays, gels, mouses and other products.

Really less IS more when it comes to your hair.

A little hint about hair product commercials that promise shiney hair, they spray a product on that makes the hair shine.

If you take care of your hair and don't abuse it, it will be healthy and shiney WITHOUT all the products that are so highly pushed in commercials.

Stop flat ironing my hair? No split ends?

check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- Dry hair / Oily-greasy hair/ Splitends

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