Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trying to grow my hair, HELP!!!?

I look exactly lyke my yahoo avatar, im trying to grow my hair and hav bangs kinna emo-ish buhh im not. Plzz help. Do u think it will grow lyke that before april 17th? Plz recommend some products or advice to help my hair grow or keep it more healthier. Thank you so much. ;D

Trying to grow my hair, HELP!!!?

Hair on average grows about half an inch every month, so by April your hair will probably be about 1.5 inches longer :)

Also, hair consists of protein, so make sure that you're getting enough. Incorporate foods from all food groups, especially protein. Nuts, poultry, eggs, vegetables, grains, and fruits all contribute to hair health. Bacon is a hair superfood because of the B-Complex vitamins and protein, but frequent consumption is not reccomended. :-)

Trying to grow my hair, HELP!!!?

My daughter goes to this natural health site for a product and found a hairgrowth one listed- of course she had to try it- she had very short ahir and so we could see the difference in a couple of weeks- they said an oil used by geishas -

well she used it on her eyelashes too- like they said, and they are longer now!

if yours is short, you probably can try the sample like she did, to see if it works- they say you can see results fast on short hair

its at

Trying to grow my hair, HELP!!!?

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