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My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

Please help. I am having light colour hair. They are very week not at all healthy.

Please help

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

go to skin specialist .dandruff is the main cause of hair fallingt. take multivitamins.and consult to doctor.for dandruff ,use anti dandruff shampoo.

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

Dandruff could be because of too oily hair and or a very dry scalp. First treat your dandruff, if you have very dry hair, begin to oil your hair every two or three days before washing off. And if you have very oily hair, wash your hair everyday or every two days. To do a test for oily or dry hair. Take a thin tissue paper, rub into your scalp, and see the oil and grime on paper, if you see no oil, just scabs of dandruff. You will know exactly how to treat your hair. Use a good antidandruff shampoo, like Head and Shoulders. Regarding light coloured hair, do you use too much hair colour. Try to avoid too much and too often. Once your dandruff is cured, your hair will automatically stop falling. Just incase you don't see any results. Go see a skin specialist.

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

Hello there ....guess u have psychiatric symptoms you are just asking several question which are contradictory...... over look the questions u have asked......... first consult a psychiatrist that's the exact solution

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

I would suggest you consult a dermatologist and have a patch test done on your scalp skin to determine the cause of hairloss.Most often,hairloss is due to underlying scalp skin fungal infection and dandruff.Rarely, it is due to hormonal imbalance.

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

Hair-care tips

[edit] Nutrition

As stated earlier, major factors for healthy hair of any type remains both genetics and health. A well understood factor to optimum health is nutrition, and this element remains true for hair health. The living part of hair is under the scalp skin where the hair root is housed in the hair follicle. The entire follicle and root are fed by a vein, and blood carries nutrients to the follicle/root. Any time an individual has any kind of health concern from stress, trauma, medications of various sorts, chronic medical conditions or medical conditions that come and then wane, heavy metals in waters and food, smoking...these and more can affect the hair, its growth, and its appearance.

If one wants to improve their hair health, one thing to improve is what one eats. Generally, eating a full diet that contains protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, and even an appropriate amount of fat is important (several vitamins and minerals require fat in order to be delivered or absorbed by the body). Any deficiency will typically show first in the hair, perhaps even before it is diagnosed. For example, even a mild case of anemia can cause shedding and hair loss.

When the body is under strain, it reprioritizes its processes. For example, the vital organs will be attended to first, meaning that healthy, oxygenated blood may not feed into the hair follicle, resulting in less healthy hair or a decline in growth rate. While not all hair growth issues stem from malnutrition, it is a valuable symptom in diagnosis.

[edit] Washing

See Hair washing

There are various ways to wash hair which is often established by one's hair type and available resources.

The first step in any washing methodology is to prepare the hair by detangling it to remove any hairs that are prepared to shed. This step also helps prevent excessive tangles for those possessing longer lengths.

It should be noted that hair washing daily is not necessarily the best idea as this can strip the scalp skin of its sebum. This decision will depend greatly on the style and products used to hold a given style, and age/hormones, degree of physical activity, and any issues with the health of the scalp skin. Allowing a day or so to pass and then washing is often helpful to the maintenance of the acid mantle as well as the hair since overwashing can also result in drier hair fiber. Sebum's role, in part, is to also provide a protective coat to the hair itself.

The most common method of hair washing is shampooing followed by conditioning. This means to apply shampoo in the palm of the hands, approximately the size of a quarter at maximum for most hair lengths, and not directly to the hair and scalp. Lather in the hands and thoroughly wet the hair. Then wash the hair without piling the hair as this causes tangles and overly luffs the cuticle. For any length, simply squeeze the shampoo down the length of the hair. It will become sufficiently clean. If one is a daily hair washer, then a repeating of the hair shampoo application may not be necessary. However, if one waits a day or more between hair washings, then the first shampoo may only break up the surface tension of sebum (a waxy ester that is naturally produced from the sebacious glands that is part of most of the hair follicles about the human head). A second shampoo application to the scalp hair may be necessary to thoroughly cleanse the scalp skin. The second application is not necessary to apply to any hair length.

Never use fingernails to scrape the scalp skin. To help lift any scaly skin, detris, and sebum, especially for those who suffer from scalp skin ailments, very gently scratching the surface of the skin with a small fine toothed comb may help to loosen and lift grime and dead skin cells before a hair wash, helping to have a cleaner scalp skin after a hair wash. One can massage the scalp skin with the pads of the fingertips to help cleanse the scalp. Take care to not lift hair that is long at the root when doing this because wet hair weighs a lot more since it is fully stretched in length and swelled to capacity. Go in between the hair strands and massage in little circular motions, repositioning the hands about the head. Rinse the shampoo out very well.

Follow with conditioning of the length. Most hair types do not need to apply conditioner to the scalp, and those with any scalp skin ailments may find that conditioner compounds the issue. Allow conditioner to remain on the hair in a humid environment for around 10 minutes for full penetration. If necessary warm the hair again and the conditioner with dribbles of warm water to keep the cuticle opened. A long and thorough rinsing out of the conditioner with water is a good habit, even if one is in a hurry; failing to do so, the hair may well be dull and tacky to the touch because product may be remaining on the hair if a thorough rinsing with clean water is not conducted.

Other methods may include Conditioner Only hair washes, which are helpful to those with hair possessing any body to very curly hair to sustain liveliness of curl and maximum moisture for varying degrees of body and curl. More natural methods of hair care involve preparing one's own shampoos, rinses and conditioners. Sources for such information include Curly Girl authored by both Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel, and Naturally Healthy Hair authored by Mary Beth Janssen, both licensed cosmetologists.

Always blot the hair dry; avoid rubbing the hair with a towel as this too luffs the cuticle. On the market there are microfiber towels to help with absorbing the water from hair faster. This is particularly helpful for those with very thick hair that may otherwise take a while to dry, especially if air drying.

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

The stress makes it happening according to my doctor. He suggested to work on minimising my stress. Now a days, it is hard. We are required to do multitask. I don't know about the chemical stuff because I don't do/need it. Though my mom used it. She is losing a lot of hair too. She doesn't suffer from stress. The doctor can give you medication for dandruff. I got to say that I didn't use medication. I love the natural way. I kept away from jell, hairspray, and moose. Those produce a lot of dandruff. Hey, but it is not all bad. The doctor says that hair will grow again. If you are wondering how do I keep a healthy scalp, then I must tell you that I use straight hair (flat iron) even though it's normally wavy. This way I don't need those products. So, visit your doctor. He/she will help you even more....good luck!

My hair is falling, I do have the dandruff trouble.?

Mix mahabringaraj and awla oil in equal quantity and apply daily. It will stop your hair fall as well as dandruff.

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