Friday, November 27, 2009

What is the best Hair Growth Pill? or Technique?

im trying to grow my hair, and i want it to be thick and healthy.. and its starting to get thin at the ends. I know its healthly to trim your hair. I want it to grow, and i want it to grow thick!

What is the best Hair Growth Pill? or Technique?

There is no hair growth pill that actually makes hair grow faster. Different brands may claim to do so, but no, they're just fads.

BUT there are many tips you can follow to make your grow till it's FULLEST potential such as:

1. Trimming just the split ends off.

2. Keep your hair well conditioned and detangled.

3. Brush from the bottom then go up. That way you can avoid runing your brush right through you hair- causing breakage.

4. Take a multi vitamin everyday! This will ensure that you are getting all the vitamins you need for your hair to grow.

5. Do some cardio everyday. Even if it's just walking a few times around the block. Not only is it good for your body+ heart. It creates good blood circulation so that your skin and hair stay in good condition.

6. Get some good sleep. You need 8 hours for your hair to grow right. It doesn't matter if people claim to be able to function on 3- 4 hours. You need a good 7-9 hours for your overall health + hair.

7. Do not scrub your hair in the shower. Massage your scalp and let the suds slip to the bottom.

8. When you condition your hair, press the excess water out of your hair first and then apply the conditioner. (This will ensure that that conditioner doesn't just run off.) Let it sit for at least 4- 5 minutes before rinsing.

9. Let it air dry. Avoid heat styling as much as possible. If you want your hair to grow, you have to prevent it from breaking off. Because if it does, it won't matter how much it grows- because it will still look short.

Hope this helps! I follow all of these tips and my hair stays free from split ends, is very shiny and soft and grows super fast. (About an inch per month- no lie.) And hair normally grows about a half inch per month.

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