Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad hair days...?

im having one of those bad hair days again..its actually a reoccuring bad hair day because my haircut is kind of not working for me.

I have really poufy hair, it's not thick it's just BIG but it's only big at the bottom-middle part not at the top so it looks like a pyramid.

It was someones bright idea to give me shorter layers....baaad idea.

Anyway, I'm trying not to flat iron it all the time because it damages your hair and Im trying to keep mine as healthy as possible so just in case that helps it grow a bit faster...

any suggestions of what I can actually do with it before then?

It's medium lengthed (about four inches below my shoulders) and it's usually frizzy flat curled or big and wavy (not the nice big and wavy kind...kind of like big with kinks in it)


Bad hair days...?

Try this product and style.

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