Sunday, November 22, 2009

Damaged hair help...?

I recently moved to another country and I went to a hair dresser here. The guy cut off 2 inches (which was bad enough) but he colored my hair an ugly strawberry blond. The case is that my hair has turned orange with the sun. So I went back for this guy to re-color it back to the blond I had. Now my hair is a wreck. What can I do to help it become healthy again and when can I color it again??

Damaged hair help...?

Okay, this may sound crazy but it works. Coat your hair with olive oil and leave it on for an hour or two. Then shampoo as usual. Also I've heard sesame oil is good too. Another tip, when you condition, leave it on for awhile before rinsing out. Use a hair mask like Nuetragena. These really work.

Hope this helps. Always condition after shampooing. Use a nice rich one. Can't go wrong with Pantene.

Damaged hair help...?

you can pick up speasial conditonares from boots the will revitalise your hair

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