Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poofy Hair?!?

I have very poofy and thick hair, my hair is probably 5 times thicker than the average person, my hair is about 4.5 inches past my shoulder and is very healthy. I hate straitening it because it takes almost 2 hours and still doesnt look very strait, I always put it in a pony tail and thats very boring, so please give me ideas on what i can do with my hair without going to the salon or buying some thing. Also if you know an eaisier way to straiten it, it would be helpful. thanx.

Poofy Hair?!?

Why dont u try adding mousse and gel (strength #10) to your hair after washing it?? I have the same kind of hair as yours, poofy, BIG, except its long too and also takes me 2 hrs to flat iron. Try the mousse/gel or u can justr add gel to wet hair and let it airdry.. add some hairspray and your hair wont poof. and it looks sexy. U can wear it ina ponytail like this too, or half

Poofy Hair?!?

so you don't want to buy anything (gel or mousse)

so this is the advice i can give you!

1. you can straighten it with a real iron, except you need to have someone else do it for you. and don't worry about burning your hair, there is a special protective layer on the iron that does the work to protect you.

2. hit the conditioner hard. this will bring some of the curls down.

3. some hairstyles you can try is half up, half down ... maybe pigtails ... or to the side and just straighten side bangs.

good luck! :]

Poofy Hair?!?

How to depoof %26amp; style Poofy hair

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