Sunday, November 22, 2009

Which option would cause less damage to my hair?

I recently had to cut my long hair because the ends were too damaged. I have curly hair and I straighten it quite often. It is now shoulder-length and I would like it to stay healthy-looking. If I really want to straighten my hair, without causing too much damage should I...

a) blow dry it, trying to straighten it as much as I can and then use my straightening iron to finish [that option takes a lot of time and I'm afraid it's too much heat at once]

b) let it air dry and straighten it afterwards [shorter, but harder to untangle]

c) any other idea you might have!

I have a CHI iron, which works really well. Thanks a lot!

Which option would cause less damage to my hair?

Let it dry naturally, then straighten it. Or try one of those new hairdryers that have a straightening attachment, so you can straighten as you dry.

Be sure to use good salon shampoos and conditioners too; they really improve the health of your hair. If it's already damaged, I'd recommend Joico K-Pak or Brocato Cloud 9 products. Both of those will help repair damage, and get your hair back to being healthy again.

Which option would cause less damage to my hair?

Let it dry naturally then straighten it with a flat iron. Also use one of those circle brushes (dont know what they are called) but they make it easy to get the tangles out,, and make the hair more straight, as opposed to just using the flat iron alone.

Blow drying your hair is just asking for it to get destroyed.

Which option would cause less damage to my hair?

Number one your best bet might be to NOT use a flat iron. My daughter has Rearend length culry hair (she is 9) and likes it straightened sometimes. I use a Conair round hairdryer. It creates sort of a slight undercurl on the bottom of her hair, but it doesn't do the damage that flat ironing it does. ESPECIALLY when the hair is wet. If it is REALLY important to you that your hair is STICK straight then you can always flit iron on a Low to Medium setting just the ends that are slightly curled under.

It is best for your hair to not HEAT style it as much as maybe wear it curly or up every other day.

Another way to minimize the damage to your hair is to not wash it EVERY day. Curly hair behaves differently and tends to need special care. My daughter's hair is wet down every day, conditioned every day but washed every two. If that makes sense to you. (Sunday Wash, Monday wet and condition JUST the ends, Tuesday Wash...etc) We do sometimes wash it more than that, it just depends on what she's been doing and how her hair is behaving.

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