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Damaged hair remedy?

i have highlighted hair. it is very curly. i recently relaxed it. that relaxer was made specifically for affrican american hair. i am white. my hair is pretty damaged. how can i get it healthy again?

also will it be safe for me to high light my hair anytime soon?

ps i relaxed it like a month ago.

Damaged hair remedy?

First and foremost-a trim. It may not sound like a big deal, but dead damaged ends are a constant drain on the health/natural oils of the rest of your hair.

For the fix, you need look no further than your pantry. To rebuild the damaged strands need protein. You also want to keep your hair soft and moist to avoid further damage.

Start out by using a clarifying shampoo for the first few days to remove any product buildup-which is common in dry damaged hair. (dry broken hair "hangs" on to waxy buildup)

Next you'll want to treat it with a mixture of egg yolks, olive oil, honey and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary stimulates new hair production. Honey is for shine, eggs=protein, and olive oil is a great natural conditioner.

Apply on hair and leave on (a showercap helps) for atleast 30 minutes-the longer the better. Shampoo, rinse, repeat, and condition normally.

I use this once a month, because I straighten my hair daily and dye/highlight it.

Always rinse hair with cool water, not hot. This closes the hair shaft to prevent frizz and dryness.

In the future, try straightening with a ceramic straightening iron. It takes a little extra time and effort whenever you do your hair, but it's worth it and does the least damage.

Damaged hair remedy?

This may be a bit unconventional, but try henna. You'll need to get the real stuff, and not drug-store brand, but it can make damaged hair soft and shiny again.

However, henna dyes hair a shade of reddish-auburn (with varying severities depending on your color), so if you dont want that, use cassia obovata.

It doesnt have any color, but it acts as a deep conditioner and should help restore your hair. Good luck!

Damaged hair remedy?

Do not highlight it again! It will fall off because it won't be able to take more color. You can go to most salons and they will give you an intense conditioning treatment that will help a lot. If you try and wash it every other day that would help too so your natural oils can get back into your hair.

Damaged hair remedy?

I wouldn't highlight it yet, maybe in about two weeks. To get your hair strong and healthy again, try Dove Advanced Care Therapy shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioner once a week. If you ever heat style it, try to reduce how often you do. And when you do heat style it (if at all), use a heat protectant to keep it from getting alot of damage. 閳?br>Damaged hair remedy?

use Pantene pro-v for women of color i use it and im not black ..i had the same problem as u but wen i started using this it got soooo much better!

Damaged hair remedy?

ok no matter what u try or what u do , you've ruined your hair,, the only thing thats going to help you hair is to cut it! sry but all that hair is ruined,, dead,, and will just keep breaking an will look horrible !! An DONT PUT ANYTHING ELSE ON IT specially high lights geezz.. !!! nothing u can do.. yea try conditioners but im betting that its not gonna help at all,, puttin to much chemicals on your hair will keep it in bad shape,, sry to hear it ,,,,

take care

bonnie j

Damaged hair remedy?

You should purchase all natural Treasured Locks H2G Awaken Emu Oil Shampoo to moisturize your hair and make it healthy again:

You shouldn't use a regular store bought conditioner because they just don't work on repairing damage done by perms.You will need Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator.This will repair the damage from the perm and make your hair shiny:

P.S. i had a really bad perm a few years ago and these are the only 2 products that got my hair back to normal.Good Luck!

Damaged hair remedy?

BonnieJ has the right idea. You should never highlight and then use a texture product. The stylist who did this should have talked you out of it! It was irresponsible for the stylist to do this and make your hair hay. I would tell you to start with a regiment of protein one day then moisture the next. I would use Nexxus Keraphix for protein and Nexxus Humectress for moisture. DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH ANY MORE CHEMICALS!!!!!!!!!!

Damaged hair remedy?

try not to highlight your hair for as long as possible since your hair shaft is extremely damaged. try the new garnier hair masque color resist. use ultra moisturising conditioner and shampoo, try tresemme brand. use a wide toothed comb only and use a paddle brush with well spaced bristles, your hair will rip less. i;ve had a similar experience and my hair was/is very damaged. feel free to email me

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