Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hair modeling?? for weaves?

i want to get into hair modeling but however i don't have the long flowing hair. I am an african american and i have hair thats past my neck it's not that healthy i just want to get into something where they can do my hair in weaves only and i can model them. Does anybody know a site or some information where i can find this out??? or if you have expierence and know

Hair modeling?? for weaves?

send your pics in to black hair magazines. they always look for new models. ask your stylist about hair shows.

thanks for asking this question, i think i might try it too cuz i have nice hair and i think i can do it too.

maybe ill see you in there :)

good luck!

Hair modeling?? for weaves?

truly just go to a hair stylist and get them to fix your hair up!!!

I think weaves are not the real you!!! THE SUCK (not being mean)

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