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Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

I have heard that a mix of those two make a hair conditioner

that is healthier than something you can buy in a store.

Is that true? Any other ingredients? How long should I

leave it on?

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

Don't do that! It's really hard to get out of your hair and makes it look greasy!

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

eww thats obviously bs, even if its not bs thats just wierd, u want to crack an egg over ur head in the shower?

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

i have never heard of the egg but the mayo yes i have not done it but my grandma does and she has good hair i think it is 5 min. good luck

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

Home Remedy for damaged hair growth care

[1] Mix 1/2 cup honey and 3 tablespoons olive oil. Work a small amount at a time through hair until coated. Cover hair with a shower cap; leave on 30 minutes. Shampoo well and rinse.

[2] 1/2 cup of ripe avocado, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1/2 banana (I prefer it not to be too ripe), 1 egg yolk. Massage it in to your hair and especially your scalp. Cover it with a shower cap. You can also use a gallon size baggie in a pinch. Wait 45 minutes to an hour then rinse it off thoroughly and shampoo as usual. This beauty recipe is a keeper, I love the way it makes my hair look and feel.

[3] Beat 1 egg white until foamy. Add to 6 tablespoons plain natural yogurt. Apply to hair in small sections at a time. Leave in for 15 minutes. Rinse.

[4] 2 cups distilled water, 1/3 cup chopped fresh rosemary leaves - In small saucepan combine ingredients and bring to boil. Continue to boil 5 minutes. Let cool, then pour into spray bottle. Keep refrigerated and mist on hair to add shine, tone scalp, or invigorate skin.

[5] In a blender or food processor, combine 2 1/2 tablespoons dried milk, 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil, and 1 egg. Apply evenly to hair and let set for at least an hour. Shampoo and style as usual.

[6] Mix two whole eggs with four tablespoons of olive oil. Smooth through hair. Wrap head with plastic wrap, and leave in hair for 10 minutes. Rinse well.

[7] Boil 7 heaping tablespoons dried thyme in 2 cups water for 10 minutes. Strain and cool. Pour 1/2 mixture over clean, damp hair. Massage into scalp, do not rinse. Use the rest of the solution another day.

[8] If you swim in a chlorinated pool for exercise on a regular basis, the same damage you've noticed happening to your skin and bathing suit, is happening to your hair, as well. Try this treatment at home to keep chlorine damage to a minimum.

閳?1 egg

閳?1 eggshell's worth of olive oil

閳?1 quarter of a peeled cucumber

Blend the egg, olive oil and peeled cucumber. Spread evenly through your hair, leave on for 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse. For the best results year-round, continue this treatment monthly.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

21 min 1 min prep

Change to: treatment US Metric

4 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons honey

2-3 drops essential oils

Put honey, oil and essential oil in a plastic bag.

Twist but don't tie.

Pour boiling water in a mug.

Add plastic bag to mug until it warms up.

Apply gently to wet hair.

Don't pour it on your head, put the mixture on your hands and apply to all of your hair.

Wrap up your hair with a showercap, a towel or cling wrap.

Jump in the bath or shower.

Wait twenty minutes, then rinse and wash hair normally.


# Before getting into the shower, wet hair with cold water. Pretend you have shampoo in your hair, and massage water through hair. When finished, comb hair straight.

# Massage a cup of milk through hair; this will ensure softness and silkiness which is most important for pin-straight hair! Keep the milk in for 1.5 min and rinse out with lukewarm water.

# Once the milk is completely rinsed out, lightly shampoo hair. Leave shampoo in for one minute and then rise out with cold water. Then lightly condition hair. Also leave on for one minute and rinse out with lukewarm water.

# After completely rinsing out both shampoo and conditioner, towel off any extra water. Wrap hair in towel, and leave the towel in there for 5 min.

# Unwrap hair, and blow-dry it. make sure all of the hair is completely dry before proceeding.

# Part hair into an upper section and a lower section [half ponytail]. Clip upper section very high up.

# Set hair straightener to appropriate setting for your hair texture/thickness/manageability [that will be indicated on box] and wait until it has warmed up to the appropriate heat setting.

# Spray bottom half lightly with hair spray and massage the hair spray in lightly in a downward motion for a couple seconds.

# Thoroughly straighten bottom half, and when done add some more hairspray, and massage it in. Optional: add a little glossing spray.


Beat an egg in a cup of milk.When it foams, rub it into the scalp.Leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly with water.Carry out this routine twice a week.

Mix 2 tablespoon honey with 3 tablespoon olive oil.Apply throughly to hair.Cover hair with a shower cap.After 15 minutes shampoo and rinse well.

Mix 5 tablespoon of olive oil with 2 eggs.Apply throughly to hair.Wrap head with a shower cap.After 15 minutes rinse well.

16.Apply 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to your hair and soak for 10 minutes.Later shampoo your hair.Vinegar will seal the hair cuticle.

Natural Hair Smoothers:

Frizz Controller:

閳?1/2 cup conditioner

閳?1/4 cup honey

閳?1 tablespoon almond oil

1. Mix all ingredients, blending well;

2. Spray hair with water mister to dampen it;

3. Work mixture through hair thoroughly;

4. Leave on for 20 minutes;

5. Shampoo.

Ice Cube Frizz Control:

閳?Ice cube

1. Place an ice cube on top of a section of hair;

2. Hold it in place with cupped hands, one placed under the hair,

the other over the ice cube;

3. Pull the ice cube down the hair shaft, from top to bottom of the head;

4. This can be done on wet or dry hair;

5. Rinsing the hair with very cold water has the same effect.

Fly-Away and Static Control:

閳?Natural hand lotion

1. Apply a small dab of natural hand lotion to the palm of your hand;

2. Rub hands together and apply to roots of hair.

Olive Oil Hair Lotion :

閳?Olive oil


1. Combine 4 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons honey

in a glass jar with a lid

2. Shake until well blended;

3. Let mixture sit for 3 to 4 days, and shake it occasionally;

4. Rub mixture evenly into dry hair;

5. Wrap hair in plastic wrap, letting set for at least an hour;

6. Shampoo as usual.

Sugar Hair Lotion:

閳?1 teaspoon Sugar

1. Dissolve 1 teaspoon sugar in 1 cup warm water;

2. Apply to damp hair before styling.

Vegetable Oil Hair Lotion:

閳?Vegetable oil


1. Mix together 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 1 egg;

2. Apply to hair;

3. Let set for about an hour;

4. Shampoo as usual.

Homemade Yogurt Hair Mask:

閳?1 egg

閳?6 tbsp natural yogurt

1. Beat 1 egg white until foamy;

2. Add 6 tablespoons of plain natural yogurt;

3. Apply to hair in small sections at a time;

4. Leave in for 15 minutes;

5. Rinse.

Homemade Honey %26amp; Olive Oil Hair Mask:

閳?1/2 cup honey

閳?3 tbsp olive oil

1. Mix 1/2 cup honey and 3 tablespoons olive oil;

2. Work a small amount at a time through hair until coated;

3. Cover hair with a shower cap;

4. Leave on 30 minutes;

5. Shampoo well and rinse.

Homemade Fruit Smoothie Hair Mask :

閳?1/2 Banana

閳?1/4 Avocado

閳?1/4 Cantaloupe

閳?1 tbsp Wheat germ oil

閳?1 tbsp Yogurt

閳?1 Vitamin E capsule (optional)

1. Blend 1/2 a banana, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cantaloupe,

1 tablespoon wheat germ oil and 1 tablespoon yogurt;

2. For extra conditioning, squeeze in the contents of a vitamin E capsule;

3. Leave in hair for 15 minutes.

4. Rinse.

Homemade Strawberry Hair Mask:

閳?8 Strawberries

閳?1 tbsp Mayonnaise

1. Mash eight strawberries with one tablespoon mayonnaise;

2. Massage into washed, damp hair;

3. Cover with a shower cap, then a warm towel;

4. Wash out with a shampoo/conditioner combination.

I'm obsessed with hair remedies.. just search on yahoo or google if you want more. good luck

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

I heard that is good, but the mayo is hard to get out. Another good one is you put an avocado in the blender mix it with olive oil, moroccan oil and honey, then use it on your hair as a hair mask. It's good to leave it on up to an hour or you can even sleep with it if you cover your hair. After you wash it out and use conditioner rinse your hair with cold lemon juice, it will clean off any residue and make your hair shiny.

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

this is a really old solution to dry hair if you are willing to try it about 20 minutes is good but you could get just as good results with biolage stregthening mask under a dryer for about 20 minutes

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

that is absolutely true since both commodities have high protein content. protein is made of some tiny molecules called amino acids. guess what? your hair is made of amino acid. so adding protein to you hair is a plus. you may also add oatmeal, papaya, aloe, coconut. these are all good products. after washing your hair just saturate your hair with a pureed mixture of any of the ingredients separately or in combination and cover with a steam cap or plastic bag for up to thirty minutes then rinse. the odour if you find it unpleasant can be covered up with hairspray or moisturiser.

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

eww eww eww

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

Well in the "old" days my mom used to put mayonaisse on her hair and wrap it in a warm towel. Now, in THEORY, it makes sense because hair is made of protein so the egg in the mayo would help to make the hair stronger and the oil in it would lubticate it. That's assuming the molecules are small enough to be absorbed. Neh.......There are plenty of good hair serums and protein treatments that are less messy and work ALOT better,

Egg and Mayo as hair conditioner?

Natural Homemade Beauty tips to Hair Care


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