Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

My hair is very poofy, hard, notty, and so hard to go swiming with! Is there anything that can get my hair straight and easy to manage with getting it flat ironed or permed! please tell me because my hair needs it and i want it to grow long and healthy, but straight!

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

im sorry sweetie that is the only thing yer gonna be able to do with it if you like to swim.....a relaxer. or straighten it but if you go swimmin we both no it wont be straight no more. and im gonna recomend u dont wash it for a week if your going to a solon. some solons will refuse u othere wise.

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

If you don't have naturally stick straight hair, there isn't really anything you can do but flat iron or perm. Maybe I'm wrong.

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

Okay calm down jeeez.

For the poofyness.... i recommend straightening your hair with a CERAMIC straightener. Expensive but very much worth it :)

For your knotttss....Each time you get out of the shower, use aussie leave in conditioner. it smells good. It deep conditions. And it really calms down and eliminates knots.

try not to get your hair wet when you swim, and if you do just take a shower after.

Good luck%26amp;much love.

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

you could get an S CURL.

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

get a relaxer.

you can't take a shower for 3 days.

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

u can use a hot iron comb or perm or just wash and braid it every friday so when u go into the pool it wont look no way and wen u take it oiut it will be curly and not nappy

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

I suggest getting a lye relaxer then following it with cornrows

This keeps your hair straight, and safe in the water

It will stay healthy if you use a leave in conditioner that can go right over the braids without any problems

Black hair...H-E-L-P please!!?

Honey chill! The Sedu flat iron will be your saving grace! Check out the link below and read the customer reviews, especially the ones from the sistah's.

As for products, definitely use Pantene. I swear by Pantene! Always make sure to deep condition your hair, but most importantly:

LOVE your hair! Embrace it! It's unique to you! Naps, kinks coarseness and all!

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