Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ethnic hair help?

ok so basically i want a new hairstyle..

my hair right now is long, curly, typical mixed girls hair

but i really want bangs..

is that a good idea??

and is using relaxers healthy?

i jus really need info cuz ive never done anything to my hair

never used a relaxer, got a purm, or dyed my hair

i just need help on whats good for my hair and style

Ethnic hair help?

bangs are nice.

Relaxers are absolutely NOT healthy for your hair. They are very damaging.

What is good for your hair.. is to keep heat,dye,perms off of it. Trim it regularly and it will stay healthy.

I get a relaxer about every 10 weeks since i was 8 years old. I look bad with curly hair. But My hair has broken off badly a few times when I tryed to color it.. and with the relaxer it broke off. I have typical mixed girls hair.. and i dont like my curls but it sucks when all of your hair breaks off

Ethnic hair help?

curlys beautiful and unique 90% of girls i see have straight hair its nice to be different i love curlty hair, and dont relax it coz it reaaly ruins your hair youll be wishing for your curls back! try blowdrying it staright though if u like

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