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I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

I am mixed with black and white, my hair used to be really long and healthy now its all breakin off and what not, terrible condition. I keep trying different things and cant get it back to where it was before. Does anyone have any advice for me, like have you been in my position???

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

ok hunny go to Sally's and get some products for breaking that have keratin in it then use glass by redkin it will smooth it down bless ur heart when our hair is bad we as women feel bad all over i am a designer(HAIR)

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

shave it off and start fresh...

bold move but you'll be stronger and more beautiful for it in the end.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

I would suggest asking your hair-dresser, not people online who might tell you things that would make it even worse.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

You need to go get it cut - all the damaged ends cut off. And then condition it with very rich moisturizer.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

Take my advise and go to a professional hair dresser. They can treat your hair and help prevent it from breaking any further.

Merry Christmas!

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

You will definitely need to get a trim and cut off the dead ends. Also, ask the stylist to deep condition it. From there, use a deep conditioner once a week and a leave-in every day. If you are flat-ironing your hair every day, you might want to lay off of that too, or in the VERY LEAST use a heat protector spray.

Has your diet changed at all? Try taking prenatal vitamins or a multi-vitamin, as nutrition plays a big role in hair health.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

Go to a reputable hair salon and get advice and help from a professional hair consultant.

I hope you can get your hair back to where it was before

.Have a magical Christmas.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

My niece is a beautiful mixed girl...her hair was down past her knees and very very unmanageable. Here's what we did.

Trim up the dead ends...get a really good shampoo and conditioner, and at night wash it and condition it, then use a straightning iron to satraighten and keep it healthy looking.

If you can space out your washes to every other day, this will help you.

Good Luck

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

change your diet!

eat salmon (and other fish with omega), dark leafy greens, drink looooottts of water.

also, try using Redken Extreme. they make shampoo, conditioner, treatment, etc. for breaking hair, and its good for ethnic hair as well.

take vitamins: E, B6, Niacin, Folic Acid, etc.

and just cut off the dead parts.... even if it means a drastic cut!

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

not mixed, but what helps everyone have healthy hair is a balanced diet, take a multivitamin is a good idea especially if you dont watch everything you eat,,,,,, also drink 8 glasses of water a day,,, when we are younger, we can get away with more, but these two things, vitamins and water, become more important, even when we hit our 20's,,,,,, not sure what age you are,,,,,, another thing is many women have a thyroid problem, it can cause hair to break and also come out, it can hit anywhere from teens till 30's, and later, but the earlier time is more common,,,,,,,so if you havent had an overall blood work up by a dr, you should, if your in your teens or older

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

I have been in your position. Only 18 months ago actually. I had long beautiful hair, but I used to put hair dyes in it all the time. The last colour I put in my hair sent the ends of my hair green and really looked awful. It didnt matter what I tried it just looked horrible. I ended up going to a hairdressers who said because of the colour I had put in my hair in the past, and never had my hair trimmed. it ended up killing the longer parts of my hair as they were the unhealthiest. They explained the hair can only absorb so much before it dies. Thats what happened, the ends of my hair died and there was no reviving them. I ended up having to get my hair cut short to get rid of the dead hair. I now get my hair trimmed on a regular basis because I still colour my hair and dont want the same thing to happen again. I think a hairdresser is the only one who will be able to give you the information you need and possible do something to get your hair back to healthy.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

i dont think it has a LOT to do with u being mixed ..

and tell the Fcker who wrote blame ur parents to LAY OFF ...

maybe a change in diet, stress, hair colour, pollution ..

btu yes u could and should either start off bald or cut it very short ..

use hair oil otherways ... do it evernight before to sleep and then wash it out ...

coconut or olive oil ...

aslo im sure that if u go to any supermarket u will find hair creams to apply on your hair etc ..

allrightee then

hope u get it sorted out ..

i dontknow where ur from but in Asia theres something called Livon .. and that **** saved the hair of many of my friends ...

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

Start using an anti breakage shampoo and conditioner, coat your hair in super gro (or something similar) at least once a week, and try to refrain from brushing, combing, and styling as much as possible. I am of mixed race also. My mother is half black half native american, my father is like you. My hair is.......caught in the middle. I have had this problem, I developed that solution my self, embraced a hot comb, and BINGO! My picture/icon looks just like me (especially the hair, but mine is longer)

Hope this helps!!! (best answer matierial) (hint, hint!)

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

OMG i have the exact same problem! i am mixed and my hair used to be healthy and i damaged it too! but lately ive been using Pantene Pro V Time Renuwal colection and its working well, its supose to repair two years of damage in one month* here is the link for more info-

or if you want to get the bounce back in your curls if you had curly hair try the Hydrating curls colection by Pantene, here is a link for more info on that-

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

Girl I feel you.

I am mixed as well. First start with a good shampoo and conditioner... I use Paul Mitchell and Nexxus Products, Always. ( it takes 4-6 weeks for the shampoo and conditioner to really make a difference)

You may want to get it cut and not all of it but maybe to were it breaking of at. Try not to wear it in a pony all the time and you find yourself doing that at least position the ponytail in different places. and don't sleep with it in.

Tie you hair up at night with a scarf. and if you choose to relax your hair (which i do) do use super and get done professionally i know you can save money buy having some one we know do it, but that how alot of women's hair begin to break off. If you wear it curly/wavy ( which i also do)make sure you moisturize it after wetting it. Hope this helps... I've been there before, but remember hair always grows back.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

I have a granddaughter mixed also, her hair is long and pretty, she is six years old. When my wife an myself keep her, we just wash her hair and put some conditioner on her head for about five minutes, rinse and it is fine.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

i'm not mixed, but i suggest you try a deep conditioner made for african american hair, depending on what the courseness of your hair is, whether it favors the white or the black side of your family. leave it on for about 20 minutes, wrap saran wrap around it (traps in the heat so the conditioner works better). rinse it out with as-cool-as-you-can-stand water, and let air dry (blow drying will dry it out). then you can style as you want. if you use a flat iron, put some heat protector on first.

good luck.

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

Try a relaxer. Or a flat iron. I have a lot of friends who are mixed and they like to use garnier fructis sleek and shine shine serum. then use sunsilk 24/7 creme. put this all in damp hair, then blow dry and flat iron with a paddle brush. Wash you hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

I have a client that is mixed and i have her using Redken's All soft shampoo and instead of using the regular cond. I have her using the All soft Heavy butter conditioner every time she shampoos. Make sure you keep your ends clipped too. That helps allot and no chemical services either. And only wash your hair once or twice a week. Good luck to you!

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

i dont know, halle barry turned out fyne

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

i dot even know what kind of texture your hair is

I am mixed and my hair is a disaster!?

I am also mixed with the same problem. Shave it off and start over.

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