Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hair with very specific needs help?

I just recently cut my hair about jaw length because of the severity of my spilt ends. I have extremely thick hair and dandruff and my scalp itches all the time. I've also my hair 3 times and recently dyed it back to my natural color to grow it out. I would like to grow it out again but want to do it in a healthy way. I can't stand not washing my hair every day because I feel dirty and blow drying my hair is the only way to style it. I use Biolage leave-in conditioned and SilkTherapy leave-in every day but it doesn't touch it. How do I fix or cure or manage my hair on a very small budget so it's healthy again.

Hair with very specific needs help?

you can still have healthy hair even if you do wash it every day. so keep using Biolage leave-in conditioner (Biolage is a fantastic product) use it on wet hair and this will look after it and keep it moisturized even whilst blow drying. instead of dying your hair to maintain your colour to suit your regrowth use a semi permanent colour, you can get these in mousse or cream, this should help you maintain and condition your hair without using harsh peroxided and ammonia which is in hair dyes. Use a good shampoo and conditioner, Sunsilk is budget wise and really a great product. and do a treatment or hot oil treatment once every week. good luck.

Hair with very specific needs help?

-don't use hair drier (air dry instead)

-massage hair often

-use cold water when rinsing hair so that the strands won't be damaged

-apply apple cider vinegar to dandruff

Hair with very specific needs help?

long range plans to have healthy hair needs patience.

you could start with the dandruff. tar based shampoos are designed for sensitive skin and dandruff. head and shoulders has shampoo and shampoo/conditioner.

when you're done with the dandruff....a matter of days ,i would think, then supply yourself with a worthy shampoo and conditioner for future use.

if your hair is very dry , a hot oil treatment might be in order. this is available at your neighbourhood drug store. then you may begin your daily hundred strokes of the brush to distribute your scalp's natural oil evenly.

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