Sunday, November 22, 2009

How do I take care of my hair?

I have dry brittle curly hair and I'd like it to be healthy and easy to manage like waves and not curls I have split ends and dry hair I tried a lot of products but nothing seems to work I'd really not like to cut my hair too much but replenish it and make waves instead of really coarse unmanagable curls I'd die for frizz free toussled waves are there any products out there that definitely work and what kind of haircut should I get for a round face and medium broad shoulders with brown curly hair

How do I take care of my hair?

always get layers. they work for everyone. but start the layers low so they add length to the face. i suggest monthly deep conditioning for your hair

How do I take care of my hair?

* Get regular trims to avoid split ends.

* Towel dry hair.

*If you use a blow dryer get a difuser - pref ceramic.

* Use wide tooth combs.

*say NO to Brushes.

* Do hair treatment 2 times a week.

* get good products.


How do I take care of my hair?

same with my friend wat i my friend is deep conditioning

How do I take care of my hair?

try some bed-head products for the split ends. try avoiding using the hair dryer and irons. i think theres sum products to manage curls or make them into waves

How do I take care of my hair?

once your hair is dead theres no bringing it back (bad news) so heres the good news you can stop the damage by using tizz no frizz gel it gets rid of all frizz its great and that way you dont have to damage you hair even more ! i also recommend just getting a trim about an inch or so cut off can your hair look great again !

How do I take care of my hair?

BIOLAGE and GARNIER FRUCTISSE.Wash your hair every other day, but shower everyday. Leave conditioner in for 15-20 minutes. If you have oily hair, only condition the ends. Keep the conditioner from washing off while you're in the shower with a shower cap, or clear trashbag if you have a lot of hair. Wash out your conditioner with cold water. You have shine "plates" on your hair, and the angle they're at determines how glossy your hair is. Hot water makes them stand up on edge, so you have dull hair. Cold water makes them lie flat, making your hair very glossy. Prevent your hair from getting wet either on the days you shower but don't wash your hair with a shower cap, or, if you have as much hair as I do, a clear trashbag. Have two different trashbags/showercaps: one for holding your conditioned hair and one for holding your dry hair. If you follow my instructions, glossy, beautiful hair will soon be yours!

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