Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??

heres my hair

its not that great of a picture of my hair

and this is the girl i got my hair off of

with extensions

without extensions

and now i realize why she might have extensions

- my hair is now all dead from dying it (bleach and pink)

- straighten it everyday

- and now i have spent a lot on salon products to keep it healthy.

I am wanting to cut my hair short and get extensions, but im not sure if its worth the cost..


hows the maintenance?

worth it?

how long will they last?

anything else I should know?

now i don't want people answering this question if they have never got them before, I can read around google and other search engines too, but im not i want people who have got them befor

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??

i had glueins for about 350

my hairdresser in longbeach gave me a discount

normally they are 400+hourly!!

clipons run anywhere from 100+

unless you knwo someone who makes them?!

clipons last alot longer and i def

would suggest them!

hilaryhaywire has a site.

but her extensions, that she makes

are hella exspensive and they look CHEAP/CRAPPY!

me and a friend of mine are going to be opening

an extension hair site within the next month

were going to sell 100%human hair for $50+

depending on what you want.

anyother place would charge about


they last however long you take care of them!

ive had my clipons for about a year.

if you buy platnium hair

you can dye them the pink your looking for.

and maybe just buy some black ones.

entierly up to you.

if your interested in the extensions let me know!

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??

okay i dont have any answers for you, sorry.

butttt i do have to say that i absolutley loveeee your hair %26amp; audrey kitching's hair is amazing.

and its going to look realllyyy good with extensions :]]]

sorry just had to answer to this to say how much i loved it hahah

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??

It all depends on where you get the extensions, what kind they are, and how much they are.

Get extensions from somewhere that guarentees a good product.

I got mine from a salon for about $100 dollars, and they are good quality. It's not too high maintenance. All you need to do it brush them a lot. Mine will probably last a year.

Again, it all depends on what kind of extensions you get.

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??

Get pink ones that match your hair.

you don't want to dye any.

You will want clip ins, they are so much easier %26amp; better for your hair. They'll last pretty long. Get human ones, too.

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??


i love her.

my advice is keep your hair and don't dye it so much?

it's really really pretty!

don't chop it off.

extensions do cost money but it all depends on what kind of method you use.

pretty much you need to baby them otherwise you'll fxck up your hair.

depending on what kind you get they could last you from 4 weeks to about 3 months.

weaving and glue will hurt your natural hair.

i think they are worth it if you don't have the length, but you do!

so my opinion keep your hair:]

Need some help on hair extensions. helppppp??

i know this probably wont help you but honestly leave your hair exactally how it is! it looks so awesome, i dont think you should change a thing

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