Sunday, November 22, 2009

Which is better for my hair?

1.) Blowdrying it on a low setting and after letting it towel dry for awhile


2.) Letting my hair air dry and then using a flat iron to work out all the kinks.

I've tried just letting it airdry but it looks like crap cause part of my hair will be straight and part will wave just a bit and my layers will flip out all funky. I'm trying to get into a more healthy routine for my hair.

Thanks for the any tips and advice!

Which is better for my hair?

i have the same exact problem.. but mine is just a big lump in the back.. one big lump and its horrible.. im not sure what to do.. i use a ceramic iron because i heard those are best for ur hair.. but then again it is a heat product.. soo yea i hope i helped some..

NOTE: if u use the flat iron, make sure u use a wet2straight one. those are designed to dry ur hair straight when its wet. because it has vents to let the steam out and i use one and they're fantastic! i love it

Which is better for my hair?

Number one cuz if you use a flat iron isn't designed to put damp hair dry or else you'd get dead ends and burn your hair so it would look more like crap :P:P

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