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Calling all Colorists!!!! Need Hair advice!!!?

I am naturally blonde. I went to a dark auburn red color about 2 and 1/2 years ago and had to dye it seriously every month or it would fade to orange. My hair is getting split ends and I have wanted to grow it out but it is impossible while I dye it, since I have to cut it so often.

I am now flirting with the idea of dyeing it back to blonde so I can let it grow out to my natural, healthy, untouched hair.. all the while trimming off the dead ends of corse.

1 - How many processes do you think it will probably take?

2- How badly will it damage my hair?

3- Will my hair ever go back to what it used to be?

4- What would you reccommend I do?

go to the following site to see a pic of me with mynatural hair color

go to the following website to see a pic of me with the red hair

If you cant see the pic in detail... save it to ur desktop and view it bigger

Calling all Colorists!!!! Need Hair advice!!!?

Wow that's a job and a half. I did this once, same length as your's, same auburn that is tough to remove. This is not something to do at home.

The way I did it for a girl, was a total of 4 processes over the course of 2 days. Slow and steady with reconditioning in between.

I used 30 volume developer with powder bleach for 40 minutes at a time. After two it was carrot orange. I sent her home that day with a moisture and protein rebuilding conditioner on her head with a plastic cap to sleep in.

The next day I rinsed the conditioner out, dried the hair, then used 40 volume developer with powder bleach for 50 minutes. That got out enough of the orange to where I could tone it with the level 10 ash blonde with 30 volume developer for 40 minutes.

You never saw a prettier natural blonde! The treatments were the only thing that kept the hair on her head. She had really thick hair that was half way down her back. We had to take off 4 inches when it was said and done with.

But a job like this, you need a stylist that can work fast, and be thorough. Any spot left untouched will cause issues later when it's time to tone. It all needs to come up the same. You can't apply the bleach to the roots, the first two processes need to be done 2 inches off the scalp. Other wise you'll have carrot orange ends and white roots.

It's very risky, very time consuming, and very exspensive. The job I did was $275 and took 5 hours total.

You'll need to find an experienced and confident stylist that knows the ins and outs of hair color, bleaching, and oppropriate hair condition for each process. As well as have a fully stocked professional treatment cabinet.

The treatments I used were for ethnic hair, by Mizani, and they are not sold to consumers. They're high power protein and miosture treatments that can damage your hair if used improperly. Too much moisture and your hair will melt away. Too much protein makes it hard and brittle. But they are what saved this girl's hair after all those highly damaging processes.

If you attempt this at home, or go to an inexperienced stylist, you will have results that are no where near what you want. Many salons will tell you it can't be done.

Your other option, is to cut more off more frequently, and color over it with an ash color. But unless you stop coloring it completely, it will never go back to how it was in any time in the next 2 years for how long your hair is.

My suggestion is to leave it alone, or to find a professional corrective colorist. They're the only stylist with the knowledge to correct, and to get close to what you want without making your hair break off.

Calling all Colorists!!!! Need Hair advice!!!?

I need to open a beauty school or something.... Fine hair is actually stronger than thick hair, as it lacks the center portion called the Medulla. That means the Cortex, the part where chemicals take effect, is thicker. Which means fine hair can withstand more treatments than normal or thick hair. Report It

Calling all Colorists!!!! Need Hair advice!!!?

okay well for one the supposed pics of you with red hair...umm ...not a clue about what it looks like in ANY of them. From looking at the original pic of you with the natural color..what were you thinking to change it to begin with? ; )

Okay well, its simple for you to go back from a dark to light hair color. All you have to do is NOTHING. Simply, let it grow out naturally. That would be the healthy thing to do.

However, you mentioned that it fades to ORANGE! Probably because you did an amateur dye job yourself. You might want to go to a professional and let them know your future intention and they will do a professional "blonde" job on you. This will prevent the Orange from coming back, and bring out a strawberry if anything while it is growing out. If you get it done professionally you have a better chance of a healthier job.

There is a really good conditioner on the market by Biolage. It is in a round container and is a conditioning balm. It is around $20 $15 if your lucky. It will fix any damage to your hair. Put it in your hair and let it sit for about 2 -5 min. in the shower before rinsing. This way you will only need the hair trim around every 6 months.

If you do not choose to get the professional blonde job because you cannot afford it, your going to have to grow it out without and suffer through the orange. If you have noticed it is sorta trendy right now to have lighter hair on top and darker hair on the bottom regardless of the while it is growing out you will be in the "style" anyways.

Calling all Colorists!!!! Need Hair advice!!!?

Red is a stubborn color and it cannot be stripped easily.

1. More than one process

2. Every time you color your hair, there would be some damage to your hair

3. Yes

4. You need to have your hair bleached and then find the closest blond shade to your hair to have it colored.

Calling all Colorists!!!! Need Hair advice!!!?

The pictures help, thanks. But without seeing your hair and actually getting to feel it and analyze the elasticity and porosity of it, it is hard to tell how damaged your hair might end up if you bleach it.

Any kind of red is so hard to keep in the hair, but then it is also the hardest to remove from the hair. I know...doesn't make sense, but that is how it works. You MIGHT be able to get close to your natural blonde color wise, but you won't get that natural, healthy, untouched hair feel until absolutely all the color is grown out and cut off. If your hair is still long, and you want to keep it long, it will take years to get back to where you were. You'll have to be very diligent about doing reconditioning/reconstructing treatments on your hair, use good professional products on your hair, and like you mentioned, keep the bad ends trimmed off. IF you want to speed up the process of getting back to all natural hair, you'll have to cut. Sorry, but there is no other way to make this process go faster. The shorter your hair is, the quicker you'll get there. So, it's up to you as to how long you are willing to go. Now, having said that, your length will determine how many processes it will take, how damaged your hair could possibly end up. This is also a "project" that you definitely would not want to try on your own. Definitely go to a pro who knows what they are doing. That could also be the difference between okay hair and severely damaged hair! IF it was me....I'd find a cute shorter cut, go for the natural blonde, and keep it shorter while the "colored hair' grows out. Once it is all out, THEN I'd grow it out if that is still your desire to have long hair. That would be the quickest way to get to your goal of natural, untouched hair. Good luck!

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