Thursday, June 17, 2010

Permantent hair straightening??

i really want to get my hair permanently straightened. but im worried about the after affects. my hair is between thick and thin and it is dark. it is fairly healthy(not very many split ends). and it is only frizzy when i dont blow dry it. and it is curly/wavy in the middle and ends. do you think my hair would react good to getting it permanently straightened? would it break off and fall out? how much do you think it would cost. which method should i use? can you share some of your experiences please? i really need to know all the side effects and stuff.

Permantent hair straightening??

it would do great just keep it conditioned and keep the perm up so it wouldnt break off

Permantent hair straightening??

i saw a ladys who had it done it looked nice i would try it

Permantent hair straightening??

can you do that?

Permantent hair straightening??

Ideally they will do a patch test on your hair, means they will cut little and try it first , from the result it self they will advise you that you can go for it or not.

if they dont do that , as k that first , patch test.

if they break off in trial they might breakoff when you wants to do all so for safer side .

2nd thing, i am not trying to scare you but trying to share some facts .

i got mine done in november , it was in india . that lady wasnt proper trained so she put one of the mixure in wrong amount or less , and it was a disaster for me

from the very front they are so much fizzy.

one more thing when they are puting chemicals it shouldnt touch your roots.

so be careful.

All the best

Permantent hair straightening??

I've never seen it work on anyone...a few of my very curly/ wavy haired friends got them. They didn't have any side effects and they didn't wash their hair for 48 hours like they were directed, but it just never seemed to take...they still needed the straightner every morning and they were really mad cuz they spent a lot of money. (like 80 plus dollars!)

Permantent hair straightening??

if your hair has been chemically altered a lot, i would not recomend it (lots of hair dyes, perms, etc.).

the absolute worst that can happen is that your hair will get so dry it falls out (only if it is already very dry or damaged)

but... if you have healthy hair, and haven't dyed it a lot, you will be fine! your hair will get dryer than you are used to, so make sure to ask your stylist for a good deep conditioner. but really, one bout of chemical treatment does the same damage that straightening it everyday does. and since your hair isn't that curly to begin with, it should hold the straightening really well.

Permantent hair straightening??

just cut your hair to neck length. i have straight hair a nd always want curls.LOL

Permantent hair straightening??

Your hair would be perfect for it! The most common problem is when girl's hair curls at the root, then the hair that grows in gets all nappy and frizzy at the top, my hair is also like yours, my waves do not start until about my chin lenght. A con about hair straightening, is before you expose your hair to a chemical ie: chlorine, you have to hose off your hair, or else it will just split. Also putting product on your hair every morning and every night will keep it smooth and silky. A good straightening will cost about 450$, and you want to get it done the Right way, so dont go somewhere that has it cheaper, like a beauty school, they messed my friends hair up!

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