Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why is my hair weird??

hi there, well basically i have a hair is really weird and could show because i am unhealthy if your busy just answer this question: HOW DO YOU GET THICK HEALTHY HAIR? WHAT VITAMINS? and if you have more time then please read.. ...basically in the fringe..when it comes down..about 3/4 of my forehead are covered by my hair (i think its called bangers or something) but ye they all come out in strands of hair, not all together, and on the sides you can see my forehead because the fringe isnt covering that bit... so basically why does my hair not come out not straight and instead..different blades of hair..if its confusing look at this diagram

i dont think its because i have long hair and also when i spike it up, they go really high up but when i look at other people it isnt as high..why how do i get thicker hair? thank you so much really i appreciate it

Why is my hair weird??

thickning mineral shampoo and conditioner ask your hair stylist about it

Why is my hair weird??

Prenatal vitamins, i know its weird but it helps alot.

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