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Grow hair longer...really?

1. i had hair about down to my breast (a lil above my nipple) and i was trying to grow it really long maybe to my belly button or something, and my hair dresser told me i have to get rid of all my layers so she cut about 2 inches off. i regret gettin it cut at all becuase it seems like it hasnt grown alot ever since. she also cut my bangs n they havent really grown either. my hairs always been slow to grow. and it seems like other girls can cut their long hair, then it will grow back within 2 months! what the hell!! i hate having short hair, and ive never had really really long hair. it seems to be in these days %26amp; i think it would look real sexy.

2. people say biotin works well, and im gonna try it. does it really work? somebody else said it doesnt actually help your hair grow faster it just makes it healthier n stronger so it will help grow. is this true? and should i try it?

Grow hair longer...really?

Nothing will make your hair grow faster. Its all just genetically programmed. All you can do is look after your hair so it isn't as damaged and doesn't need as many trims.

If it's winter where you are, that will be why your hair is growing slowly. During the colder months, hair grows more slowly, and then speeds up as summer approaches. This is just a natural cycle.

Some people's hair has a natural point at which it stops growing. My Grandmother always wanted long hair but it never grew longer than her shoulders, no matter how long she waited.

Just keep waiting. It'll happen eventually. It took me a few years to grow my hair long, and I started with my hair at chin length. I've had it long for years and I had to cut it to mid upper arm length because it was too long at one stage and got stuck in car doors and things.

Just wait it out. It'll happen eventually. It's only a matter of time.

Grow hair longer...really?

if u brush ur hair more often it helps it grow faster it works i have done it before

Grow hair longer...really?

i no what you mean i'm trying to grow my hair that long to its like half way down my back now almost and it seems like it wont grow and my friend that had realy long hair got it cut and now like 2 months later its almost the same length it gets me so mad.

Grow hair longer...really?

There is nothing scientificly proven to help hair grow faster...some people have ideas, but that's usually all they are. Some therories usually have to do with eating more protien. However, if you have your hair regularly trimed to keep the ends looking nice and neat it can help appear to hair to look longer.

Grow hair longer...really?

hair grows at an average rate of 1/2 inch a month (scientific fact). eat healthy, and treat your hair kindly and it will be healthy enough to get to the length you want w/o breaking.

Grow hair longer...really?

you should try nioxin hair pills

it helps your hair grow really fast.

i had hair at my shoulders and took one pill a day

kno my hair is almost at my belly button

and its only been like 1 1/2 months

good luck:D

Grow hair longer...really?

natural peppemint oil promotes hair growth. look online for natural products that will help.

Grow hair longer...really?

The ultimate truth is that for hair to grow longer, we have to eat healthy, exercise adequately, reduce stress and most important sleep well. Include B-complex, B6, and vitamin C, E to make up for any deficiencies.To Know more about your hair will help you.

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