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Can you help me grow my african american hair?

Hi, im 14 just to start off.I'm mixed, with black,white,crole,and cuban. but im mostly black sense both my parents were mixed.But anyways my hair has always been relaxed.Or put into braids.I just started using Pantene for women of color, both shampoo and condioner. I recently cutted it, since i saw some breakage and dead ends.But it was really damaged since i have a dry %26amp; itchy scalp.So now its to the back of my neck. My hair has been long to the top of my shoulders.But due to the breakage it hasnt grown in years.And in the middle it is shorter than the rest of my hair due to breakage too.But i want to know how to grow it back healthy.I take multivitamins two everyday. I want to know how to:

1) Grow hair 4 inches and the end of September.

2)Stop breakage

3)Get a healthy scalp

4) and many more i guess

thank you for your help.

Can you help me grow my african american hair?

look at this site to get some tips.

and this one too

Keep your scalp clean, no grease or anything that contains petroleum or mineral oil, they hinder growth... what you need are all natural oils and water based oil lotions.

Do not use Pantene Relaxed and Natural, its pure crap, try Creme of Nature, or Paves, they work so much better.

you have to invest in quality conditioners and lay off styling for awhile, also limit heat styling, it'll cause breakage.

Can you help me grow my african american hair?

my hair is the same way. long in the back and short in the middle. Report It

Can you help me grow my african american hair?

yes check out I follow the hair care system and my hair is more managable. my hair is naturally curly. i cut all of the perm out of it last december. i have six inches in the back and four inches in the front. the web site i'm sending you to deals strictly with black hair care.

Can you help me grow my african american hair?

dont use pantene its really bad 4 ur hair no matter what kind of hair u have also try hair formula 37 it will make ur hair grow really fast and pretty healthy too ( =

Can you help me grow my african american hair?

yeah mineral oil/petroleum is all your labels b4 you buy stuff.......creme of nature is great!! Mane'n'tail (walgreens) is great conditioner/leave in. and DONT USE that protein hair gel that brown or clear ones. use moisturizing gels like Fantasia IC gels or hawaiian silky.and no more relaxers...its that simple. the only people that have long relaxed hair are people with no nappy/kinky hair. they have some kind of wavy/ curly hair. relaxers are no good. flat irons should be the way to get it straight without the chemicals that break your hair.

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