Sunday, June 20, 2010

I want to grow my hair longer...?

my hair is kinda growing, but slower than normal...

i take vitamins, i wash my hair twice a week, and 5 months ago i got a hair cut...

what can i do to make my hair grow faster, longer and healthier??

I want to grow my hair longer...?

I also am trying to grow my hair, and a couple of things I've heard that are supposed to make your hair grow faster, but I'm not sure how well they work.

1. Using jojoba oil in your hair is supposed to reduce frizziness, and damage making it healthier and some how grow faster.

2. I've heard that 'Hair Plus' shampoos and conditioners are supposed to work.

3. Also massaging your scalp often increases blood circulation to your head.

4. Braiding your hair to make it grow faster is so old fashioned and I have absolutely NO IDEA if it works.

5. Cutting the ends of your hair every 6 weeks or so

6. Also rubbing your hair with a traditional towel is supposed to be harmful, and someone has said that if you buy a silk head wrap and pillowcase thatn it should help.

Hope this helps.

I want to grow my hair longer...?

the shorter you cut it the faster it will grow

I want to grow my hair longer...?

it doesnt matter how much yooh wash ur hair but

yooh ahould was hit more than twice a week.

but idont think theres anything yooh can do to make it grow faster.try google er something?or ask ur hair stylist.

I want to grow my hair longer...?

my hair has always been very long and i never cut it and i wash it at least four tomes a week.It doesn't matter hoe short you cut you hair it won't grow any faster because you hair is dead so cutting it isn't going to hep

I want to grow my hair longer...?

I honestly don't think there is any way of making your hair grow faster.........not that I can think of. Some peoples hair just grow faster and others just take time.

I want to grow my hair longer...?

wash your hair every other day. its BAD for your hair to only wash it that much. it gets too many oils in it, and its harder to manage and weigh down.

get your hair trimmed every 3 weeks. NEVER wait for more than one month or two. your hair is unhealthy because of what your doing to it.

wash your hair every other day in lukewarm water. use a quarter size amount. massage into hair with finger tips for 2 minutes. rinse, and then use about 2 quarter sized amounts of conditioner. i shave and wash my body, then rinse the conditioner in cold water. then get out. then put in a frizz serum and dry.

this is exactly what you should do to make your hair healthy, soft, shiny, and longer.

I want to grow my hair longer...?

well just keep on doing what your doing and trim your hair every now and then, it should grow faster.

I want to grow my hair longer...?

the vitamins are a good start... and they will take time to take effect... another thing is be out in the sun... the sun is a natural source of health for your hair... i have also heard vitamin e is particularly good for your hair... another ancient remedy that i havent used before but have heard of is olive oil in your hair... along the roots and massage...

let me know if that one works :) good luck

I want to grow my hair longer...?

First of all, LET GO OF THE PILLS!!!!!!!!! I may be a total nitwit at style but i do know this, those hair vitamins are just going to hurt your body very slowly. it doesn't directly go to your hair on your head either. believe me, this may be irrelevant, but my cousin started taking pills to grow her nails longer. i don't want you or anybody to get scared, but she took them normally and one day she said she felt ill. we went to the doctor and we had to sign out a form for her. it asked if she was taking any medications and we put down the pills she was taking. we gave the papers to the lady at the counter and she looked at the paper. she said shes problably ill from the pills. and im telling YOU now, i dont want anybody to get hurt. so please stop the pills and yourr hair growth might go back to normal in a few days.( some of the dead protein the pills try to take out of your head arent really dead.)

I want to grow my hair longer...?

Vitamins B, C, F, zinc, iron, copper and protein are essential for hair growth. Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is probably the best way to achieving healthy hair.Try http://solutionsforhairgrowth.blogspot.c... for more details.

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