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I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

Look I know its damaging to your hair, but I kind of have to. After every shower my hair gets all puffy, wavy and curly. I hate it. Everyone even says my hair looks WAY better straight. So i straighten it. I dont want my hair like really damaged, so how do i keep it straight but healthy?!

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

Buy some heat protective spray. I don't know of specific brands, but they sell it at most salons and probably stores like Target too. If you spray your hair with it before you straighten it, there will be less heat-related damage.

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

wear a hat

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

you could get it permanatly stariaghtned at the salon. or you could keep straigtening it everydfay n get like a herbal essances damaged hair shampoo n conditioner. both ways would work. good luck. i hope that i helped.

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

hmm.. you could try adding more hair-vitamin ingredients to your diet! google it! lol...

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

i to straighten my hair everyday .... but my hair look so healthy straight !!!

just by descent hair prodcts ,,, the more you spend the better it is

my favourite is oasis or something like that

it brillient and gives it a model shine !!!! ... and keeps hair healthy

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

lol after i wash my hair and blowdry it it goes curly, wavy and frizzy and i straighten it a lot too. Before i dry my hair, i use a heat protector which stops my hair from getting damaged from the hair straightener. then i straighten it, and my hair feels really nice, and it doesnt look or feel damaged.

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

u can get hair formula sprays that prevent heat damage

they r great

tressemme and pantene pro v have some graet ones.

try looking in ur nearest beauty store like boots. theyll tell you the ones u need.

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

Hey Babe!

You could get it chemically straightened by the hair dressers or you could get some protection spray/cream or maybe try not to use the straightners as much %26amp; only use them where your hair is wavy, or you could turn down your straightners

Good luck xx

I straighten my hair almost everyday ?

Products you will need:

1. Permanent Straightener

2. Straightening Gel

3. Thermal Spray

4. Flat Iron

5. Blow Dryer (at least 1875 Watts)

6. A good shampoo and conditioner

1. If you have a Sally Beauty Supply nearby, purchase "Curl Remover", the brand is One n Only. It's a permanent straightener. It's not harsh and they will sell that particular one to anybody, you don't have to be licensed. I use it and it don't fry my hair. They have 3 different formulas, one is normal, one is for if you have color in it and one is for if you have highlights. Make sure you get the right one. It's about $8.00.

2. Also, in their generic line, pick up some "Straightening Gel: Compare to Paul Mitchell Straight Works". It's in a black and white tube. It's about $6.00 and lasts a long time.

3. Pick up some Thermal Spray, it's a must have if you're going to use a flat iron. You will need it to protect your ends.

I don't recommend getting Ion: Heat Protection from Sally Beauty, it's too greasy. They may have something else there. I use the Matrix Sleek Look and I think it's the best. You can get it at Wal-Mart's Smart Style the cheapest, it's about $12.00. They have an off brand version of it at Sally Beauty called Slickline Thermal Iron Smoother, about $7.00. I've never tried it but for a cheaper product, I would say it would be the best you can get.

4. The best flat iron to get is the Paul Mitchell one. It's black and green and will run you about $130.00. It goes to 400 degrees and won't fry your hair as long as you're using thermal spray. If you can't afford it, Sally Beauty has a ceramic one in their generic line that compares to CHI. It's about $50.00 and heats up to 410 degrees. If you have to go with a Wal-Mart one, get a ceramic one. I don't care for Conair products, so I would recommend a Revlon or a Remington.

6. With shampoo and conditioner, you get what you pay for. Stay away from anything that is not sold in a salon and be careful what you buy at Sally Beauty. The only thing I will use at Sally Beauty is Park Avenue SOFT by Naturelle, which is generic for Redken All Soft. I like Matrix Sleek Look and Redken All Soft the best. They can be purchased at a hair salon or the Smart Style at Wal Mart. Matrix is on sale frequently 2 liters for $24.

When you can find a sale like that, you really come out cheaper in the long run when you can get it that way than buying $3 - $5 products because you don't have to use near as much of it and you're getting a larger quantity at a better price.

What to do with these products:

Follow the instructions precisely on the permanent straightener. Repeat every 6 weeks.

Use your shampoo and conditioner, try not to wash your hair everyday. If you smoke like I do, you really have no choice. It's better not to.

When you do wash, put a nickel size amount of the straightening gel in your hair and dry it. Don't brush it while you dry it, only use your finger tips. Brushing it will break it.

After it's dry, it should only need the least bit of straightening with the iron. Spray in the thermal spray, ensuring that you get the roots good, that's the most important part and run the iron through it. You will have to keep adjusting the temp. at first to find what suits you the most.

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