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Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

hi all . i straighten my hair everyday and night. i use protection spray all the time .i wash my hair every other day. i am getting lots of split ends,my hair smells rank of- singed. i hate it ! i have only just had my haircut i had 3 inches off ! it was healthy then i started using Tressemme straightners . these straightners make my hair really straight ! i have to straighten as my hair is frizzy and wavy ! i need someone advice.

Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

Are you waiting for the products to dry before you use the straighteners?

Only use them a few times a week - twice a day is way to often and if you have to use them so much you must be doing something wrong or they are broken.

If your hair is slightly damp this will cause the split ends


Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

you straighten your hair twice a day? stop it right now! that is so bad for it. if you only wash your hair every second day then wouldn't straightening after every shower be enough?

you shouldn't be ashamed of your hair. split ends and dry hair look worse than frizzyness


Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

Maybe you have the temperature on your straighteners to high or maybe your holding them on the same bit of hair to long. I think 10 seconds is long enough, but guess it depends on the hair type. Also only straighten your hair when it's dry.

Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?


1. Stop straigtning your hair so much. Even though your using protective spary, you're still burining your hair. Only do so after you wash your hair and put your hair in a wrap (beehive style) before going to bed. It allows your hair to breathe.

2. You're getting alot of split ends because you're putting to much heat in it. When I used to do that my hair had the same problems.

3. You say your hair is frizzy. Well after washing it use Garnier Frutise's Anti-Frizz serum.

Hope that helps.

Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

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Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

Hi Im having the same problem at the moment and Im having to keep going to get it cut more often now. You need to change to GHDS. Ive found any other than these leave you hair smelling singed and ghds dont do this. Also you need to be using a heat protection spray before you straighten, Infratreat is good you have to get it from a sallys store.You need one that is for spraying on before you straighten also. Your straighteners might be getting your hair straight but there not doing your hair anygood.

Before you change your hair straighteners try this. every other day use a hair mask and leave it on for as long as you can. If you can afford them use one each time use wash your hair in place of your conditioner but they are expensive to keep using them as placement of your old conditoners.The tremsemme on is good and you get lots off it too, its for dry weak brittle hair. the shampoo and condtioner in this type from tresemme is good to.

Try pantene smooth and sleek shampoo to try and tame your hair before your straightene it. I admit it wont creat miracles but it does work after a number of washes.

If you keep doing this you will notice the difference my hair dresser said its better already

Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

I would stop washing it every day.I wash mine once a week.

Smell singed hair ! help? peopleor hairdresser you know!?

Hi. I have had the same problems as you.

You are doing way to much to your hair, all that washing, drying, straightening is taking its toll on your hair.

First of all, you dont need to wash your hair every single day. Are you using the wrong shampoo? Its no wonder your hair is a dry as a bone. You need to stop it right now.

I would advice you to leave your hair alone for a few days. Tie your hair back into a ponytail and put loads of leave in conditoner at the ends and scrunch it up. Let the goodness get into your hair.

You need to et a really good deep intensive conditoner or a hair restructuring conditon. Look for something that restructures the hair shaft. You need to rebuild the hair shaft.

Try using some cocunut intensive conditionr. This is good for dry hair. I also use Tigi camera flash shiner and defrizzer sparay. You put it on before straightening and its keep hair flat and frizz free.

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