Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hair Loss problem - please help!?

So I've always been known for my giant thick hair and now i'm losing it all! I've done the japanese hair straightening treatement 2 years ago and have been using a ceramic hair straightner ever since (1-2x a week). I'm healthy, eat right, no thyroid problems. How do i fix this sudden hair loss problem?? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hair Loss problem - please help!?

Are you stressed out, by any chance? I've heard that stress can cause that to happen. So can hormones. I hope it comes back to you but it doesn't sound like you're really doing anything wrong. I doubt it's your ceramic iron or anything. You didn't give too much other information but the first thing I'd change would be diet (take vitamins?), then think about your stress level. If you're having a big crisis right now, I'm sure it will grow back once the dust settles. If you take birth control pills, you may want to ask your gyn about the possibility of that being a side-effect. Good luck with everything!

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