Sunday, June 20, 2010

My hair is very think and short?

I am a colored young lady with short thin hair how can i get it long and healthy im not a fan of clipping my ends either.

My hair is very think and short?

make sure you deep condition it at least twice a week.

Sorry to say girl but to have healthy growing hair you have to trim at lease once every 3 months.

a good deep conditioner is biolage deep conditioner or you can just use your at home shower conditioner and leave that on your hair for at least 5 min.

Make sure what you eat is good too. Wierd as it sounds it affects the way your hair grows.

Vegetable and fiber and protien are good for hair growing.

You can also look into hair vitamin supplements and pills.


Hope this helps!

My hair is very think and short?

Time and eat a healthy diet

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