Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to get my hair to stop breaking?

I got my hair trimmed in December and got rid of all my split ends and I've been so happy in the begining b/c it was soo healthy. All I wanted to do is continue keeping it this way.

It's been recently that my hair is starting to get more split ends.

I've been doing everything right (so I thought).

I don't use the blow dryer often. I do not use a hair straightner.

I try to shampoo my roots so it doesn't affect my ends and condition my ends as well as deep condition once a week or so. I eat healthy and drink water all the time.

I don't understand why this is happening. I just wanted it to grow healthy %26amp; longer. Can someone help me?!?

How to get my hair to stop breaking?

no, no, no, no! DO NOT use Pantene, or Tresemme! These are LOADED with alcohol, and any other cheap brands of hair care products can be contributing to the breakage. Throw away all products from a retail store or drugstore. Only get quality products from a salon, they cost a few dollars more, but then you won't have to get haircuts every 2 weeks. Try the K-Pak line from Joico, these are great products for preventing and repairing damage, and not to mention low on alcohol.

How to get my hair to stop breaking?

if you dye ur hair it will do this try waiting intill 5 mins before u wash out the dye then brush it all over then wash it out dont put the dye on all of ur hair just the roots till 5 mins

How to get my hair to stop breaking?


try panteen pro-v hair striengthner or tresseme anti-breaking shampoo and conditioner!

How to get my hair to stop breaking?

well first thing when washing your hair use cool or cold water. As cool as you can stand it. Hot water stretches your hair when you comb or brush it. ( like a rubber band)

Then use a lit or very little leave in conditioner. and something for control ( gel )

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