Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dry,dull, frizzy curly hair help plzz!!!?

i have curly hair and its very dry i have no shine what so ever in my hair and its frizzy i need advice on what to use to restore my hair to shiny looking healthy hair noting to pricey though thanks alot!!

Dry,dull, frizzy curly hair help plzz!!!?

Aloe Vera,is a good remedy for dry hair. It is obtained from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant. Break the leaf and squeeze out the liquid inside, apply this liquid to your scalp,keep for about an hour and wash it off . Check out for more info.

Dry,dull, frizzy curly hair help plzz!!!?

I use hair serum to add shine to mine... There are several brands and you kind of have to try different ones to see which will work best on your hair type...

You can get them expensive or cheaper at drug stores or Target, or Wal Mart... Also try soaking your hair in conditioner and wrap in a towel, for about an hour... Polish your toes or something to waste the time... It helps, really...

Dry,dull, frizzy curly hair help plzz!!!?

I like Garnier's shampoo for frizzy, rebellious hair. It has a orange flashing label and you don't really need to add conditioner. It does cost more than the other garnier products so I suggest waiting for a sale...

But since I love animals and would not like using animal tested products, I use yves rocher's ( hydration shampoo, the one with a blue bottle.

He uses plants to make the products so you won't have to worry about having weird chemicals on your body. If you order some stuff, they give you FREE stuff and free samples, also, and chances to win a car, or a spa or stuff like that...they'll also send you monthly flyers to your home to give you perks on new stuff. But you must order it online first, OR give them a call. They have official shops in Canada, not usa but they still ship there.

Their scented shampoos and perfumes smell THE best.

Hope this helps.

Dry,dull, frizzy curly hair help plzz!!!?

If you don't wanna spend a lot of money on fancy shampoos, here's two things you can do at home-

x. Put mayonnaise in your hair. It sounds totally disgusting but when you take it off, you'll see that the mayo actually repairs a LOT of damage done to the hair and leaves extremely soft and shiny and healthy

x. Olive oil. You can put this in your hair, too. Not as gross as mayonnaise, so you just put it on and it makes your hair super shiny and soft. It doesn't repair damage but it makes your hair, like I said, super smooth and silky!

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