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Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

I was on Yasmin for 3 years. After 1.5 years on it with good results I was hit with number of side effects the worst of which were heart palpitations, complete loss of libido and chronic U.T.I.s always followed by yeast infections. It's been 5 months now since I stopped taking that horrible pill and I have stopped having all of those nasty side effects, however now my hair is falling out. I am a healthy 27-year-old! I looked into this syptom online and apparently it's yet ANOTHER Yasmin problem!! Something about hormonal imbalance... I'm kind of freaking out. Has anyone else experienced this? Please share your story... Do you know how long it will take for my body to fully recooperate?


Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

Oh my! I've heard of a couple of women who had heart palpitations too. That's frightening! I hate birth control pills because they whack us out, so I have been avoiding them the last few years, and I just use an alternate method of birth control...

As far as the hair, this popped into my mind... It's autumn (or spring in australia) and that is a time when we tend to shed our hair more. That could be happening to you, and it could be exaggerated because of the Yasmin. I'd talk to someone who is an expert about birth control pills (planned parenthood or an OB/GYN), 'cause your general practitioner (especially if it's a male) may be full of *ahem*.

Good luck!

Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

It is due to a hormonal balance and you stopping the Yasmin. It may take a couple of months for your system to straighten itself out. Don't panic, however, if you keep having problems you need to notify your OB/GYN.

Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

You probably the hormone imbalance. Since you stopped the medicine. It will take time to return normal. If I were you check your doctor.

Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

Since I started YAZ, my hair has become amazing! It's super smoothe and pretty now. I love YAZ. SOrry it didn't work so well with you!

Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

hi .how r u now .what i can suggest u now is that y dont u try natural things{esp for hair care} . y the hell we forget today that its now we use products or pills which sometimes ma ke things worst i dont say that all the products r not safe{ as u said u have faced the side effect problems so y dont u try natural things which r 100 percent safe.}Think do try this one take a small bottle of almond oil mix it with cocout bottle of 200ml. apply daily before u go 2 bed. and u can use the shampoo{flex }it has been a great help to me .and dont worry evrything will be alright .first what u do is eat good food n right food cope up n for hairs try natural things or try ths easy one{ Ingredients

Methi powder # 2 tsps

water #1 1/2 cups.

coconut oil #2 tsps.


soak methi powder in water overnight.

add luke warm coconut oil to this paste the next day.

apply and leave it for an hour and shampoo.


Use this mixture once in a week to keep away dandruff and other hair problems.also makes the hair silky %26amp; smooth.{ n let me know if u get the best results out of it }byeeeeeeee

Losing hair after stopping Yasmin b.c.?!?

People can loose hair after taking some medicines. I'm sorry, this has happened to you. But you can reduce it by making diferent masks for hairs at home:

I do them after hair colouring, they prevent and reduce hair loss.

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