Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair questions?

I used to use my straightener everyday, but now I'm trying to grow my curly hair out. I want it to be very healthy and to put the moisture back in it, but I'm not sure what kind of treatment is best for my hair type. I'm also taking a multi-vitamin and flaxseed oil to produce better growth but I was wordering what else will help it grow and become healthy as well, tips anyone?

Hair questions?

you should try herbal essences: straight!!

it worked for my curly hair!!!

Hair questions?

horse shampoo

Hair questions?

Get you a leave in conditioner.

After each shampoo add to hair.

Hair questions?

does it really matter?

Hair questions?

try olive oil

Hair questions?

Prenatal vitamins, I believe you can get them over the counter.

They make your hair and nails grow fast.

Hair questions?

i went to my salon and my hair cut lady told me that my hair's p.h. level was zapped. i had no idea. so chance are if you go to a professional they can tell you what you need.

Hair questions?

get your hair wet,

warm up some olive oil and put it through your hair,

wrap your head in clingfilm,

then warp some warm towels around your head.

leave for 15mins then wash out with shampoo and conditioner.

this is like a moisturiser for your hair!

some celebrities use this method.

try not to wash your hair everyday either.

hope this helps.

Hair questions?

Going to a pro would be your best bet but if that is not able to happen at the moment I would use a super think conditioner after you wash in the shower then also get a leave-in conditioner. Loreal and Aussie both have good coditioners. These aren't the regular ones you would buy they are normally in a smaller container to use only like twice a week. As for leave-in you can get Infusium 23 or Aussie has a dual mousse leave-in that is great so it conditions and styles....I like it a lot, I recommend it all the time!

Good luck!

Hair questions?

I have naturally curly hair too, and recently got the best advice ever - don't scrimp on Shampoo and Conditioner. Buy the best you can, even if it's expensive. It can actually change the texture and shape of your curls!

I would also go into a salon and get a clarifying shampoo (to get out all the gunk) and a deep conditioning to repair the curls. After one visit, my curls were soo improved, I decided not to cut my hair.

And finally, if you use a ceramic flat iron to straighten your hair until your natural curls come back, you should be able to switch back and forth between curly and straight without any hair damage.

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