Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grey Hair at 20?!?

I'm a healthy, happy, very asian 20 year old female with a head full of thick, straight, dark brown hair.

Recently I noticed I had a grey hair...a month later another...and then another and so forth. It's been a year and I now have 4 grey hairs...

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with grey all...but on a 20 year old? Are they going to keep coming? Is this even normal?

I take alot of pride in NEVER having dyed my hair, it's entirely natural..I have never straightened or put any chemicals in it. I've always taked really good care of what's with the grey?

I'd like your opinion and possibly suggestions. Thanks!

Grey Hair at 20?!?

Some times quick ageing process cause grey hair .You can check these sites to know more

Grey Hair at 20?!?

you might take lot of stress thats why your hairs are getting grey and use mehdi to color your hairs rather applying some hair color or chemical

Grey Hair at 20?!?

Calm down. Having gray hairs at an early age is natural. You wanna get those gray hairs gone and fast? Use John Frieda glaze in either brown or black-whichever your hair color is closer to. It doesn't dye your hair-it enhances your color and makes stray grays go away. Just squeeze out your wet hair in the shower, slather the glaze on your head, and keep it on for 3-4 minutes(wash your hands so the glaze doesn't glaze your skin!) and your hair should be full color and gray free-not to mention even more hot! It is reccommened highly by famous stylists and even by some celebrities

Grey Hair at 20?!?

Have your family got grey hair another young person?I think it can be genetic problem.

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