Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deep hair conditioning?

Hi.. okay im 15 years old.. and theres a party this weekend. i live in a small town, so i don't have access to any stores or anything that would have a deep conditioning mask. i want to look good for the party, so i was wondering if anyone has a recipe or something to use on my hair to make it look healthier, shinier, or softer? thanks so much!

and if you have any face mask recipes, or something that would make my skin glow or anything like that, that would be soo appreciated!!

you can answer either question.. or both!! thanks : )

%26lt;3 xox

Deep hair conditioning?

The one thing you can get in any town is Olive Oil. Simply put it on your hair and let it sit. Either in a town or a clip. Then shampoo out! Sometimes I even sleep with it in my hair. If you do put a towel over your pillow or you will end up with a mess!

Deep hair conditioning?

For the hair :

It's based with rosemary and olive oil

Deep hair conditioning?

hi i think i can help with your hair question, if you use an ordinary conditioner on dry hair ( before you wash) work it from the root to the tip. wrap a towel round your head for 10 mins then dry your hair with a hair dryer. this is a deep conditioning treatment. you then rinse your hair. and wash and condition as normal. hope this helps

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