Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dry hair help!!!?

Hi everyone, i have wavy-dry-frizzy hair. I'm letting it grow because i'm bored of my short hair and really want a change. It's about an inch past my shoulders. Now here's my problem;

Very dry hair. I do not dye it and haven't done so in over 3 years. i do not blow-dry except for maybe a handful of times a year. No irons either. I maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle so i'm just not sure why my hair is so dry. I've heard of olive oil, mayo and even eggs. What is the overall opinion on these products and how should i use them? Thanx guys!

Dry hair help!!!?

okay, using a nice shampoo, suchas Head ANd Hsoulders for Dry Scalp, and then use a rfeally good conditioner.....Use popular brands like Garnier, or Pantene Pro V, or Head %26amp;shoulders. or SAMY.... ANd there are special creames for super frizzy hair...oh....and there is also an ANTI FRIZZ spray.....just saying...

Dry hair help!!!?

Head and shoulders is good.

Ideally you need a shampoo that will restore moisture.

The Aussie range is good.

You also need to think about why your hair is so dry for example if you straighten it alot use heat protecting spray.

If you have curly hair use a shampoo designed for it.

Drinking more fluids helps. good luck.xx.

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