Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair help, please?

i need hair help really badly. I can't stand my hair any longer. I want to cut it really short and keep it natural so I don't have to fry it with a flat iron/blowdryer/curling iron any more! my hair is always dry feeling and it always break off - i'm tired of trying to keep it nice and healthy looking and have it all fall out. my hair is super course and i've been relaxing it for a long time. I need a style that is short and natural, yet looks modern and nice, and allows me to keep my side bangs. if anybody could post a style that i can actucally consider, i'd be forever grateful.

Hair help, please?

I would go for something edgy if you want to go short. I would consider a razor cut-- low maintenance, because i think they look better when messy. (picture is not so great, but i love it if you have natural curl)

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